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Re: Back problems.....? for Dr Whitworth please......

Re: Back problems.....? for Dr Whitworth please......

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Posted by Michael L. Whitworth, M.D. on February 09, 2000 at 22:32:26:

In Reply to: Back problems.....? for Dr Whitworth please...... posted by Tina on February 09, 2000 at 08:53:10:

The problems you could encounter without treatment include angulation of the spine which can lead to facet problems, degenerative disc disease from all the pressure being placed on part of the disc annulus, potential migration of the fragment if it is loose, etc.
Nothing may happen at all. Without insurance at this time, it is understandable about trying to avoid surgery. Hopefully your new doc can help with pain treatments until you eventually acquire insurance. Be cognizant of loss of bowel or bladder control, increased numbness or weakness and have that checked during the interim...
Michael Whitworth, M.D.

: Hi there doc. I had talked with you on another forum over the summer about a problem in my back and you gave me some info. I have a crack and chip in my spine that they are saying is from stress and the scoli curving and no other explaination. I had asked you how long it would take for this to heal and you had said anywhere from 3 to 6 months I think it was. My question is is not healing and the chip has lodged itself in a vertabrae and it hurts like heck. The doc said he was afraid it was not going to heal because of the location of the crack being on a curve and a problem disk area, that is why he wanted to pin and screw it. I am afraid of them doing this not to mention I have no insur so it is prety much not going to happen anyways for that reason. What is the worst that can happen? Will it just stay the way it is or do you think it could get worse? I am limited to my activities due to the constant pain of that and other spine and back problems so I think it will be ok thee way it is unless for some reason I get a burst of nonpainful days and take up bungy jumping or something. I am hopefully going to be able to see a decent doc that will give me the meds and treatments I need but not till I save up all the extra money I need for a new scan and or mri and also the docs consult fees so it will maybe be late spring till I can see this doc. My doc now does almost nothing in the way of meds and treatments and just tells me to buckle up and live with the pain. Thank the Lord I have another doc that gives me some meds to keep me sane if not pain free. Thank you for any advice again and God Bess what you do for us peoples. Peace Y

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