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Re: Positive results (to John)

Re: Positive results (to John)

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Posted by Christine on February 15, 2000 at 15:40:02:

In Reply to: Re: Positive results posted by john honsaker on February 09, 2000 at 06:15:47:

: : First I want to apologize for not getting back here sooner. Second, thank you everyone for your support and advice. It helped me a great deal. My Doctor's appt. with Pain Mangement Doctor went very well. He increased my doseage with out coming down on me. He also gave me two Duragesic patches to try. I have tried them. I now have to decide which I prefer, the pills or the patch. The increase in medication has helped a great deal. I gave him my letter that I wrote with all my feelings, concerns and wants and it went over very well. I was suprised and relieved.

: : I had another MRI to recheck the herniated disc's and bone spur in my neck, no change. I had an EMG test last week and when he put the needle in my neck he immediately saw that there was something going on. What they found out that there is a very badly pinched nerve in my neck along with the other problems. So I have seen my back surgeon and he gave me the following options. 1. Live with it and pray that it gets better on it's own, which is unlikely. 2. I can have injections in my neck, which more than likely would have to be repeated at different intervals of time. 3. I can have surgery.

: : I don't want the injections because I have had so many injections in my back, hips and they always have to be repeated many times. I had two injections in my hips about 3 weeks ago, because of bursitits and I had a reaction. Not an allergic reaction, what it did was cause all muscles and such to inflame. Thefore causing more pain and I had difficult time walking. I had to use crutuches. I ended up in the ER. They gave me two injections of demerol to help catch up with the pain. Did x-rays which showed there was no problem. The shots did help and then I went on Medrol. After a few days I had no more pain in either hip. Well it didn't last, the pain has returned. So this is why I don't want the injections. Tomorrow I see the back surgeron to discuss EMG test, MRI and surgery. I have not completely made up my mind. My family and friends say I should have the surgery. I won't agree to it until all my questions are answered. My biggest question is how successful is this surgery in relieving the pain, numbness, tingling, swelling in arms and hands, etc.

: : Thank you again for everyone's support. I will be back more often. It's a promise I have made to myself. I need this place and all of you and I want to be there for everyone else. I want to lend an ear, a shoulder for others as you have all done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

: : I hope and pray that everyone is having a day that is less painful and full of hope.

: : Sincerely, Christine

: It's great to hear that you had such good results with your new pain doctor and now have the proper amount of pain medications. It's a tough decision to give the ok for more surgery. I don't know what I would do if it were my decision. If you are considering liveing with it you might give a chiropractor a shot at the problem. He/she might be able to align your neck and relieve the pain. Some of them can also arrange for a certified massage therapist to give you a message once a week. I have found a weekly massage to be very helpful to keep my muscles from getting screwed up and causing more pain.
: Glad to hear that you will be stopping by more often. Unfortunately, there will never be a shortage of people going through these same problems. You can relate your feelings well, and as you know, just being there for someone can help them.
: Good luck and God bless
: John

Thank you John for you support and suggestions. I see the Doctor tomorrow to discuss the surgery. My husband has been giving me massages and they have been helping somewhat. I do know a professional massuse (spelling?) and she has told me that she cannot do a massage on me unless I get the okay from my back surgeron. So I do plan on talking to him about this. I would want the massages after surgery too, that is if I decide to have the surgery. Thanks again for your support and suggestions. They are truly appreciated. I hope that you are having good days and your pain isn't to bad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

God bless!

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