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Re: Some Doctors are quacks!

Re: Some Doctors are quacks!

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Posted by john honsaker on February 20, 2000 at 06:03:00:

In Reply to: Some Doctors are quacks! posted by Frustrated! on February 18, 2000 at 11:58:25:

: Well folks, Im learning alot about Doctors. I understand they say they will attempt to help me with their treatments
: but it gets slightly depressing when after 5 attempts with No benefit what so ever, they continue to claim
: the treatment might, thats might help. Acupuncture was a total waste of time to me. I was expecting to feel some type
: of relief after the treatment. The Doctor wouldn't come back into the room after the needles were removed. He sent in his
: nurse in to turn off the electric pulses going through the needles and then removed the needles themselves. She would say,
: "the Doctor will see you again in 2 weeks." Well after the fifth attempt, I said , nope, I want to see him again now. So He came
: back into the room saying, well if you don't feel anything now, I guess the treatments aren't working and thats all I can do. I'm
: wondering how many times he would have tried the same treatment before He would come to that conclusion. Guess he just wanted to
: make the money. I was sent to this Doctor for a disability rating. My primary Doctor claims I have a 10 to 15 percent disability, however,
: hes not the one authorized to give disability ratings. The acupuncture Doc is. So during my first meeting with this Doctor, he examined
: me and said I might qualitify but before he gives me a disabiliy rating, he want to try to get rid of my back pain with acupuncture. Now after he tried, he claims
: since Im still working, Even in pain, that I don't need a disability rating. First he claims I do qualitify, now he claims I don't. He just wanted
: the money. Now I would have gone throught the treatment anyway, just to get rid of the pain I have in my back. It would have been worth it,
: but Don't say You do qualitify and then say you don't just because your still trying to work to suport your family. I asured him I wasn't
: going to stop working, that even with my back pain, I was still able to function, but its hard and the disability rating would only help with my law suit
: so it wouldn't drag out in court. This quack claims that unless I had a limb lost or couldn't walk, that no matter how much pain I was having,
: If Im still able to walk, I didn't require a rating. The ex rays and MRI's show the damage, so now Im going to find another Doctor that gives disability ratings
: that has some compassion. Just venting some frustration here. I only wish my primary Doctor could give the rating. I wouldn't be going through this head ache
: along with my back pain. My lawyers are working hard for me and I expect a small settlement of under 12 thousand, which isn't worth what I've been going through.
: With the Disability rating, according to the Lawyers, I might get as much as 20 thousand, still not worth the permanent pain I have in my back. Wish this whole mess didn't
: happen at all. Frustrated!

Lawyers almost always settle cases because that is in their best interest. Make sure their settlement includes somthing that indicates that you can re-open your case if you get worse.
Be sure that your lawyer checks into your insurance to make sure that after you collect your settlement they will still cover the injury. Sometimes the insurance carriers can claim that you have settled the claim for your back injury so you are responsible to pay for any further treatment or your long term disability won't cover you if you become unable to work because of the settled injury.
Good luck and God bless

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