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Re: problems w/ meds

Re: problems w/ meds

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Posted by Tim on February 22, 2000 at 03:10:28:

In Reply to: Re: problems w/ meds posted by Mike on January 24, 2000 at 23:33:26:

: : : i've been taking vicidon(sp) w/flexril & daypro for about a month now & have been having a problem w/constipation & having a hard time going to sleep. i'm assuming the problem is coming from the vics so i have been waiting until i really need it then i feel like a jerk cause i have to take it. i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. it's kindof embarrassing(sp) to ask strangers about constipation but what can you do.also i seem to be retaining alot of water. i wonder if when i go until about 11:00am before taking the vics that i'm imagineing(sp) that the pain is bad because my body wants the vics. how long does it take to become addicted?i guess i'm afraid of become one of those people who beg cheat & steal for meds. yes i'm paranoid. & yes i can't spell
: : :Jen,
: : For the constipation my doc told me to take Senokot-S. It is for constipation due to Rx. It will also help with the water retention problem. You have to keep taking your vic's when you are supposed to so that you keep a steady amount in your bloodstream. If you let the level drop off it takes that much longer for them to start working again. You have to make the decision of whether you want to be in pain or not. Keith
: Jen,

: I'm not sure of the nature of your problem, however, the latest studies show that people who take pain medication because they are in pain--- rarely become addicted. Therefore, if you're in pain DON'T feel guilty. Take your medication as directed. Once again, research shows that people who stay on top of the pain by keeping a "blood level" of the drug present, actually take less med's than those who ride the roller coaster of falling behind the pain curve and then having to take more med (vic's) to get the pain under control. I have been on the drug you mention for seven years and maintain a normal life style and work schedule. As for the constipation... it can become no laughing matter. What works best for long term use is something natural. I have taken Metamucil for years and it works great for me. I wish you the very best, forget the guilt trip, take what you need and leave the rest in the bottle. Warm Regards, Mike

Mike is correct on all counts. I was fortunate in that for me Roxicet was a better altrnative than Vicodin and have been one of those for whom Ultram has been effective. Maybe see what your doc thinks about these and other meds ? For some meds the side effects are as debilitating as the pain. There are many many of us who have had to deal with constipation, slurred speach, and other akward effects of medications. You may be dependent on heat in your house, glasses to see and medication for pain, but dependance is not the same as addiction. Another aspect of that is don't feel that you are hording if you ensure thay you have enough medication to last at least in case your doctor is not available (due to illness or vacation) or a pharmacy does not fill a prescription in a timely manner. We all go through that bit of paranoia. That's a normal reaction in these circumstances. The problems that have been related to me were of others making recreational use of a pain patient's prescriptions which had not been properly secured. As far as lack of sleep goes, it is not condusive to general mental well being for any one in the first place. It surely deminishes the ability to tolerate pain. My experience was that a limited prescription of a sleep aid allowed me to get closer to a normal sleep schedule. This lessened the toll pain would take on the following day and consequentially gave me a shot at better sleep the next night. I cheated on this and used a dictionary. I tink I got 'consequentially' right.

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