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Re: Dr. Whitworth - neuro pain inhibitors

Re: Dr. Whitworth - neuro pain inhibitors

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Posted by kristie on March 03, 2000 at 11:30:23:

In Reply to: Dr. Whitworth - neuro pain inhibitors posted by ila on March 02, 2000 at 07:43:25:

Ila--I have similar symptoms to yours. I thought all my problems were arthritis-related, but I had a lot of muscle spasm problems and the burning sensation all over (head to toe--and then sometimes over my head onto my face...really bugs me), because I have degenerated hips and lots of arthritis and pain there.
I learned I have problems in my back (tight spacing, bone spurs, arthritis) and that many of my symptoms are related to nerves pinching there.
My doctor prescribed Elavil (10 mg), which is an antidepressant in larger quantities (Dr. Whitworth mentioned this med in his response). I realized after a month on the Elavil that it is really helping with the burning, especially. I didn't even realize it until my prescription ran out--after a few days the burning really got bad. Now I am starting back on it, and am anxious to get past these first few days where it seems to have not taken effect yet.
Just thought I'd let you know. It is such a great feeling to finally have some of the burning & cramping under control.
Anyway, good luck to you. I hope you find a good pain doctor. Kristie

: Hello Dr. Whitworth. Hope you had a peaceful holiday. My question comes as a result of a conversation with my GP concerning medication. He states that regardless of which drug he prescribes, non will hit the spot with pain levels because there are no drugs available for neurologically activated chronic pain. Supposedly, the pain I have is referred pain set off by damage to nerves in the spine. Referred pain is also via muscle contractions all over the body. Burn is neck to toe, as well as other pains. Is his statement true? If not, will MSCont do the trick when oxycontin does not?? He is loathe to prescribe MSCont stating he should titrate me off all pain relief for the above reason. We had a civilised discussion where I spoke very slowly when explaining I was not a drug addict I was drug dependent. How can I get through to this man without offending?? He is extremely conservative in all areas to do with chronic pain. Mostly because he refuses to believe "it" is a "real" medical problem. My choice of Dr's is extremely limited. Would appreciate advice.

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