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Re: MS-Contin

Re: MS-Contin

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Posted by ila on March 04, 2000 at 09:01:29:

In Reply to: Re: MS-Contin posted by JR on March 03, 2000 at 17:56:31:

Hello JR and anyone else out there who has silently joined this conversation. I thank you for your honestly JR, it's good to finally receive confirmation that the symptom/effect problems I'm having aren't psychosomatic. I kept getting subliminal messages from my GP that chronic pain isn't real. It's really frustrating for me, so I feel really sorry for my physiotherapist. That's where I get the majority of my "medical" support from. Luckily for me, she's been in practice for the past 20 or so years but hasn't let her brain run dry over that period. Has had quite a few chronic pain clients over the years and goes to as many workshops, lectures etc. as she can. Your left side weakness. Was that progressive?? I ask because I've been losing my balance quite a lot lately. The cause, as far as I can tell, is a collapsing knee. Stuffed the anterior cruciate ligaments of both knees (right worse) sometime after injury. Sometimes when I do lose balance my pelvic bone/thigh area is hit with a sharp, harsh pain. I thought my loss of balance was tiredness or drugs or all of the above. Pretty scary stuff. If it is progressive, what can be done to halt it?? I didn't injure my spinal cord, thank god for that. At last x-ray I had degeneration in C4-5, L5-6 and a straightening thoracic spine. Also, one of the discs in my neck is "off centre". S1 nerve has scar tissue surrounding. From what I know, nerve damage had set in by the time I was operated on. I don't know, although the physio agrees, that extra nerve pain radiation/referral is from the scar tissue. I also have tmj problems including headaches plus from muscle spasm pain and lockjaw (mild). As said before, burn from neck to all digits. Burn going to ache/throb, plus pains that include knife, pin pricks, pins'n'needles, cramp?. Leg pains were sciatic track and knee. Progressed to ankle bone area then down to toes getting worse all the time. Now legs hurt all the time with everything else. Neck, shoulders, arms to hands/fingers was also progressive. Had problems with neural stretches at elbow - ulnar nerve was "flicking" over elbow. Pain, numb etc. progressed to wrists, fingers. Hands/fingers started this throb/ache/pain, wrist pain like rsi started then came the inconsistent spasm. Doesn't do it all the time yet - does it get worse?? How do you stop it?? Arm power pretty hopeless. Still doing weights but pretty pathetic from my point of view. Expect more from myself, getting less as the days go by. Don't know why it gets worse. Doing everything "right" - should be getting easier, not harder - at least thats what I'm told. What's happening?? Seems like my body is in revolt.

Don't know what to do half the time. Pain killers hardly work at all which is why I asked my GP for help. He doesn't know what to do so he suggests I titrate off all, which makes me agree to keep the oxy. Very lazy and ensures he doesn't have to think! Very frustrating. BUT - small town, no choices and a long way to go to see anyone else. PLUS the referral/s have to come from the GP. Have been waiting for him to refer me to a specialist in chronic pain - that was Jan 99. Not very good when pain and symptoms are increasing. Good to be on the board though. Not good that so many people are in chronic pain, good to have conversations such as this where you know you're not a hysterical, neurotic, psychosomatic hypochondriac. Regardless, good to hear from you and hope to continue this conversation. Regards Ila

: If you don't mind, would like to pick your brain about oxycontin. What side effects did you have?? Was it worth it?? Did you have side effects coming off it?? You seem to have the same spinal problem I have, do your hands spasm/jerk?? Does your pain include burning, knife/pin prick hits, sharp, painful spasms through the back etc.?? If so, are you receiving assistance from a GP who knows about chronic pain?? Do you have major problems with pelvis/sacrum instability?? What do your medical support team do about it?? Please advise - regards, Ila: Hello Ila, Its odd you mentioned hand spasm/jerk. Although this is not a problem off mine I have a simillar one. My entire body spasms/jerks as if I have expiereced electrical sock. Sometimes this evev scares people who whitness it. Have been told this is from my spinal cord injury. I do however have similar pain sypmtoms with my back. Lumbar muscles are always burning and painful. My eck is always sore and it is difficult to sleep. But worst of all my left leg no longer functions properly. Pain and weakness make it hard to walk, wash myself and anything else.Interestingly I have most problems with pelvis area. joint will not work properly. I am sure this is because muscles needed are impared do to nerve copression. I have been told that I suffer from failed laminectomy syndrom. Scar tissuse has entrapped nerve root S1 at exit foraminae causing many neurological problems from there on down my leg. Heck I,m only 34 years old and walk like I am 100. What kind of injurys do you have. Back to oxy, I found that although it worked pretty well it cause problems like all opoids do. Constipation, drowsiness ect. Withdrawals were bad as well. But it did relieve pain. My concern with ms-contin is the same as it was with oxy-contin, that you can not medicate yourself temporarily. When you take any of these continuous release medication it affects you for at least 12 hours. This makes it very effective but you lose flexibility as far as how much pain you can tolerate and when to medicate yourself. Sometimes you may find you are medicated when you think that you can do without. I found it interesting that you have problems with pelvis area. Would like to know if we have suffered simalar injurys. I am seeing a good pain managrment doctor and will have a new procedure done soon to help with the scar tissue. Hope it works or else I am considering a spinal cord stimulator or the pump. I have researched lumbar and cervical problems quit extensively and if you need info reply and I can supply you with web addresses which may help you. Thank you and hope you feel better. JR
: : : Hello, oxy-contin and percocets are the same drug in differenent form. I believe percocet is 5mg oxycodone with tylenol while oxycontin is either 20mg or 40 mg oxycodone in a slow, continuous release form with out the tylenol. Therefor 1 20 mg oxy-contin has 4x the oxycodone but is delivered over about a 12 hour period. I found oxy- contin was much more effective because is kept a sustained level of the active ingredient in my blood. But it had side effects. By the way I started MS-Contin and it is working wonders. I am not even limping right now. I am worried about working while taking this. But I think it will allow me to do things that I could not do in years. Best wishes. JR
: : : : : Hello. I am suffering. Alot of pain after two level cervical discectomy with fusion and plating & failed lumbar laminectomy. Levels are c-5,c-6, c-7. L-5 S-1.
: : : : : Have been on meds for 13 months. Recently had tywo Razcs procedures wich did not even touch pain & weakness in left lower extremity. Just started taking MS-Contin after trying Oxy-Contin,Percocet,Hydrocodone and Methadone. Went through nasty times after stoping previous meds.
: : : : : Will MS-Contin produce horrible effects when I stop taking it? Do not like being medicated but can not fuction at all without. If anyone has any insight please e-mail me. I would be very happy with any info that you could supply. Thank you.
: : : : : Hope you all feel better soon. JR

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