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Dr. Whitworth , Please I need an honest DR.s help, please sir.

Dr. Whitworth , Please I need an honest DR.s help, please sir.

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Posted by James T. on March 08, 2000 at 02:01:52:

Dr. Whitworth, you seem to be a very good
man that knows his work and cares about it please
advise me on this matter. In my family a high
tolernce for meds that contain narcotics was to
run in my mothers family and has caused many
problems in family members like me that have it
terribly and has even caused a death of my cousin
at 10 years old when he went in to the er after a
bad accident. They gave him morphine enough that
in normal people or children would have made hin
invinceable to pain and they started a painful
precedure and the pain was so intense his little
heart went into such fast pounding that it
litteraly blew its self out the pain caused such
trauma to his tiny body. It has skipped a few
members in the family but i have it the worst
all. When i went in for back surgery I came out
of the anestesia so fast they didnt even get me
to my room nor had they even hooked up the pain
machine. After the first 24 hours the hospital
pharmacist had to come to my room to actually see
who it was who was going through the largest
doses of demeral they had ever seen at Barrows in
Phoenix. They were so worried about the toxicity
that they took me off the demeral and gave me 2
lousy percocet every 3 -4 hours after having
fusion and bone taken from my hip. After 2 failed
surgeries i know see a pain mgmt dr and my high
tolerance is documented going back to 1968 when i
broke my wrist three times. The pain is an 8 24/7
and the dr has me on 2 100 duragesic patches
every 3 days, 90mg of methodone a day, 160 mgs of
oxycontin every 8 hours,and oxyfast 20mg every 8
hours for breakthrugh pain. It puts a dent in it
but not enough to get me off my crutches to be a
little active, when ive raised the oxycontin
myself to 4 or 6 80mg tabs of oxycontin 3 times a
day I actually put down the crutches and went to
a movie with my baby girl and my wife and went to
dinner and actually had a good time for the first
times in 6 years but the dr wont raise the dose
of the prescription because of toxicity and he
said it wouldnt help anyway and said if i need to
go higher i should get a pump but he and i know
that wouldnt solve my problem because the spine
is the least of the problem its the middle ,
upper and lower back along with the legs and
feet. I spoke to a dr in virginia who is well
known in this country and he said fi i could get
to virginia he would increase what ever med he
needed to ease my suffering, what is your
opinion, what would you do for me if i lived in
your state sir.

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