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Sharp pain in left arm and shoulder--pinched nerve?

Sharp pain in left arm and shoulder--pinched nerve?

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Posted by Bill on March 11, 2000 at 19:21:06:

I have within the past week developed an unusual and unexplainable pain that predominates in my left upper arm. It sometimes feels like a squeezing force and at other times it feels like a hammer has pounded on it. Now this is not what is actually happening on the arm. The pain also can be felt in the left shoulder near the neck and it is painful to bend my head upward because it will augment the pain in the arm. Often the pain will not be there or will be minimal when I am lying down in a normal resting positiion. OTC pain medicines have not been effective in reducing the feeling. If I place my right hand on the hurting area of the arm with typical force the pain will not become much worse.

Questions for a doctor or another person knowing about this to consider:

1. Is it surprising that Advil, Aleve, or other medicines will not reduce the pain even if the dosage is doubled?

2. Is applying heat or cold to the area of the hurt better? I have tried both.

3. Does this indicate normatively a pinched or twisted nerve, and do chiropractors usually have success in treating this malady non-surgically? If this is the condition, does it eventually go away on its own?

I will be seeing a chiropractor on Monday; is he likely to be able to start providing a relief regimen at that first visit? I want the pain to go away quickly. Are prescription medicines more likely to be effective at killing the pain? Does a medical Dr. have to be the kind of physician who would prescribe this?

Thanks for reading this and giving satisfactory suggestions if possible based on the norm for this kind of condition.

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