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Re: Please help me I can't cont like this!

Re: Please help me I can't cont like this!

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Posted by CEE on March 20, 2000 at 22:39:59:

In Reply to: Re: Please help me I can't cont like this! posted by MLWhitworth, MD on March 20, 2000 at 17:13:22:

: Your doc may want to consider other longer acting meds since you will obviously need them for the long run. These include methadone, MS Contin, Duragesic, levodromoran (currently not available due to manufacturing problem), Oxycontin, etc. For the neuropathic component of the RSD, high dose anticonvulsant therapy such as Neurontin up to 3600mg a day or Topamax are useful. The RSD itself may respond to IV etidronate or to a calcium channel blocker. Your syrinx is the most problematic part of your pain pathologies. There are very few therapies that can help with this.

: : Dear Dr. Whitworth.Thankyou so much for reading my letter. I need your opinion.I havea long medical history but I'll make it brief. In the past I fx the C-1 and have Brown Sequad Syndrome(r-sided weakness and l sided sensation).I also had a brain stem contusion with occipital nerve and cerrebelum injury.I now have a syrinx at C1-2,RSD to R hand,arm,shoulder with R shoulder drop and myofascial pain syndrome.I get severe ha at the base of my head,neck and upper thoacic region. They have tried,injections,blocks,TENS,PT etc. I can only lay down for a couple of hours at night cuz the pain increases with laying down.Now I have chronic pancreatis with insufficiency(I never drank)1/2 of my stomach removed now with dumping syndrome, and malabsorption of small intestines9the wall is vvery thick with narrow lumen.I have constant abd pain. I only weight 78lbs.I was on TPN but had to stop cuz it was affecting the liver. I take Subdue which is predigested but they aren't sure how much is absorped. ecause of my poor nutrition when my R lung collapsed it wouldn't reexpand. I had to have surgery. For others out there who don't understand how painful RSD is--I woke up in the OR screaming my R arm hurt-even tho they removed part of my lung,did a mechanical scrub and I had 2 chest tubes. They had to put me in a coma for 24hrs in ICU.Well I take 4percocets a day,1 fiorinal a day and i zoloft a day.Do you thing i can absorb these meds? I am not getting good pain control. I'm on SS disability but have to wait for medicare. We use the military drs. My primary does not think I need a pain clinic that he can handle me.Do you have any suggestions of what could work better for me.I am sorry this letter is so long, I know your time is sooo valuable Thank you, Cee

Thank you again for your time and expertise. I will show the letter to my Dr Cee

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