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Re: ila. I guess better late than never/blokes in pain!

Re: ila. I guess better late than never/blokes in pain!

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Posted by ila on March 23, 2000 at 02:40:29:

In Reply to: ila. I guess better late than never. posted by John V. on March 22, 2000 at 19:50:58:

John V. Major bummer you've had along a very rocky road. It makes me feel as though my pain is minor. Did the neck problem have anything to do with the lower back fusion??

I recently read that tests are being conducted on utilising animal bone for fusions. Have you heard of this?? Supposedly, it's a definite go for the future.

Thanks for the info you've given me. The physio made it sound as though the whole fusion thing was a total waste of good time (eg. facet joint injections - had those and they were).

It sounds as though they may be a good option for me. Do you think that because the upper discs have degenerated, that maybe they'll collapse due to the strong one down the bottom. She said my whole back is degenerating faster than it should (e.g. the domino effect).

Will talk to the neuro and pain doctors I'm going to see later in the year. They're new and specialists so maybe they'll give better insight as you have.

I have a question for you if you don't mind.

Have talked with a different bloke on another website re. blokes and chronic pain. I made the comment that I didn't know how my partner would cope as he is pretty much into the male protector, breadwinner mentality.

No, not the tarzan type. We compromise and discuss everything in our relationship. Also, I worked until I hurt my back.

Started when I was a child doing bob a jobs, then in the local store, then as an adult. The only time I had time off was when I had my children. As a result, I continually contributed financially to our relationship - and that's the way I liked it.

I found it really hard going and still do. Always have and always envisaged that I would continue working to the day I died.

Not much that anyone can say to me at the present time helps to change that thought, although I'm told that I better think about it seriously and prepare myself for the possibilities.

Regardless, I seriously doubt my mates ability to handle having to be reliant on me, or anyone else for that matter, in the same sense as I am on him at the present time.

I don't know if this has been scientifically proven, but I don't really think blokes genetics and/or psychological make up allow them to be sick/down and out for the count for too long. My man is bad enough when he has the flu. Wants to get up, can't, whinges then goes back to bed.

Real p.i.t.a. the entire time unless he's asleep.

Luckily he sleeps a lot when sick. Now if he were laid up and in chronic pain, I truly doubt that he could handle it psychologically.

If he did, it would take a hell of a psychologist and a whole lot of patience and understanding from us at home.

I've been bad enough. Luckily I can psychoanalyze and/or check myself when things are tough. And as I'm a chick, I can cry, scream and have major tantrums when I want to.

What do you say and how have you coped??

If I'm overstepping a boundary, please say so and I'll back off. I'm really interested in hearing from a blokes point of view.

Take care, kia kaha, ila:

: I just read your post and I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Remember that I am NOT a doctor. I am only going by my previous experience.

: I injured my back when I was working as a plumber's helper, back in 1981. It turns out that when I was lifting a sink, I herniated a disc.
: I first tried a chiropractor. I really believe all he did was make my injury worse. Eventually, I was hospitalized and a laminectomy was done. This was on L5-S1.
: I spent about 6 months trying to get better and I had no improvemoent during this time. Finally, one year to the day of my surgery, I had a fusion done at the same site.
: The fusion worked great! My back was never better and I was able to return to work about 6-7 months later.
: I was very conscious of my back injury and I did every thing I could to make sure that I didn't injure it again. Unfortunately, I din't think about my upper spine.

: In 1991, I was moving a 600 lb. boiler with 3 other people. During the move, I had to get into some strange positons, and I felt something hot inside my neck. I was able to keep working another 3-4 weeks, but my neck pain kept getting worse. I never considered the possibility that I ruptured another disc; I though it was just a pinched nerve.
: When I finally wasn't able to move my head or right arm, I went to a doctor. That is when I had my cervical fusion at C4-C5. That was on March 16, 1991.

: After my neck injury, my discs started to fall like dominoes. I never returned to work after the neck fusion, but still managed to have 2 more lumbar fusions done. In 1997, I found out that the fusion in my neck had never fused. There is just a loose bone sitting in my neck. I am hoping that I can live without having to go back into my neck, but the docs have their doubts.

: Right now, I have an implanted morphine pump. This was done after being on oral meds since '91. i had the pump implanted in Oct(?) of '99. The docs are going to try to treat the pain before they commit to doing more surgery. They can't promise the surgery will make me any better. I am still able to move around and drive a car, but if I have all the surgeries they say I need, there is no guarantee that I will still be able to do what I can now. I am only 44 and I don't want to go under the knife again unless I have no other choice.

: As far as having your fusion done, my first one was the best thing I could have done. I was in a lot of pain and was not getting better. After the fusion and recovery, I was in really good shape. I have no regrets in having the fusion done and would do it again if I was in that position.

: I don't know enough about medicine to even begin to tell you what is going on with you and your other symptoms. That should come from a real doctor.

: I hope I answered your questions.

: Take care and be pain-free as possible,
: John V

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