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Re: to drwhiteworth

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Posted by ally on March 26, 2000 at 15:19:29:

In Reply to: Re: to drwhiteworth posted by MLWhitworth, MD on March 25, 2000 at 15:45:03:

: If the methadone is not helping with either pain or increased functioning, then I agree it is time to wean off. Although I cannot treat those on the internet (since I have no personal relationship with the patients here), I can offer my experience which your doc may be able to use in helping with detox. Methadone does take a bit longer to get off of vs other drugs because of its long half life and absorption into many body parts, reputedly even bone. However, it is not that difficult to do without an addiction center. Usually the withdrawal of the drug is decreased by 10mg a day for a week, then another 10mg decrease for a week, etc. until you are completely off the med. This slow withdrawal prevents many of the more eggregious withdrawal symptoms. A more rapid withdrawal can be accomplished by adding Klonopin instead of the Xanax (which by the way is far more addicting than methadone) and adding Clonidine to surpress sympathetic hyperactivity. Check with your doc on these things.
: :
: : hi dr. i am going into detox from methodone 6o mg. aday maybe i might go to 70 but i am only suppose to take 50 but sometimes it does not help. that is why i think i have an addiction problem, plus so many of these places pain management close then you get so scared thinking what now, because you know you will go through withdrawel. plus i take xanax for anxity , i dont know if the anxity is from worring so much about the pain meds. does this sound like i may be addicted? have you ever heard of cornerstone of eagle hill in ct. could you reccomend some treatment center in the connecticut area, i want to go to a reputable place, like what i mean is somewhere that is a private facility not state owned i have good insurance so i can do this, i hear methodone is hard to get off of. is this true is it worse than any other opiate? how long do you finally go back to feeling normal, and what is the usually amount of stay. i really dont know if i am doing the right thing i will see, one thing i do know is i do suffer from lowe back pain chronic. is there a way you treat patients just through the internet or are you allowed to prescribe knowing there conditions? thank you
dr. how could one get in touch with you?

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