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Re: Hang in there John V.

Re: Hang in there John V.

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Posted by John Honsaker on April 07, 2000 at 20:07:40:

In Reply to: John H. This is for you. posted by John V on April 07, 2000 at 11:40:02:

: John,
: You are right in thinking that professional counseling should be part of almost every pain management program. When I first started to go to a pain specialist, part of my program included mandatory visits to a psychologist. If I didn't go to him, I wouldn't have received any meds at all. I had no problem with going, at all.

: Yes, I still go to see him. After the first 6 months of bi-monthly meetings, the shrink (I use that term with respect, it is just easier to type and spell) told me that he thought I was handling the pain as well as could be expected. I still had a problem saying "no" when someone would ask me to do something to help them out that might be bad for my back. I am still working on that and I am getting better each day.
: When all this recent BS went down, such as the pump not helping or that I was in a lot more pain than I had been for a while, he was one of the first people that I called. When I talked to him at his office, he had trouble trying to say that he didn't think my current doctor was halping me all that much. He didn't want to come right out and say to change my doctors, but I could tell that is what he was implying.
: I do still talk to him regularly and keep him up to date on what is happening with me. It is nice having someone to let all the s$%t out on.

: I still don't know what I am going to do. I don't want to give up on the pump yet, but my damn doctors act like they don't believe me when I say there is a lot more pain than there should be.
: My GP doctor does believe me and has offered to give me oral meds to help with the pain. If I do thatt, though, I would think that was considered "doctor shopping" and I think that is illegal.
: The doc that put the pump in has gone on vacation and won't be back until next month, so my pain doc says I will just have to wait until he gets back to test the pump. No one explained how I am supposed to deal with the pain. When I told them that it has affected my family life in a very negative way, I was told that maybe I should move out for a while and go to live ant my father's house. Can you imagine the balls of them for even suggesting that?!!

: I still have no idea what I am going to do or what is going to be the final outcome. I just know that I am NOT going to put up with this too much longer!

: John V

: PS Sorry for bending your ear too much. I hope that you are feeling okay and that you continue to do okay.
: Take care!
Man what a fix you are in. It's very unusual for a Dr. to go away for a month without leaving someone to cover for him. Maybe he took your money and ran. lol
Prob. only needed one more implant done on your week to win the doctors pool (free vacation).
As you can see I don't have an answer or anyway to help you, I sure would if I could. That doctor can't be the only one in the stste that knows how to check a pump. Maybe if you explained your situation to one they could check it out. The 'good ol boy dr. network' would prob. not let that happen, but you can call around and try to find a doctor that arranges for his patients to be covered while he is gone.
I guess you could try if you honestly believe that he is gone without coverage. Sounds to me as if they want you to go through withdrawal's. Seems like you said you have had the pump for a couple of months, so any withdrawal's should be over. Also sounds like you have enough hardware in you that they shouldn't be doubting you word.
Don't know what to say John,
Good luck and God bless,
John H.

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