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Don't need a shrink, constructive please!

Don't need a shrink, constructive please!

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Posted by ila on April 13, 2000 at 06:47:26:

John, hi there. Was not talking about me in particular, although I did use me as an example.

This is a for real situation. My physio is not just a physio. She attends medical workshops, tutorials and is highly educated in this area.

So serious is she about helping chronic pain sufferers, she is attending a convention on chronic pain in the State in May of this year.

The information she speaks of comes from medical books, both physio and psychological. As I said, there are articles in New Scientist that hark on the same theory/s, although New Scientist, in conjunction with top notch chronic pain Doctors/Specialists and Psychologists, agree that chronic pain conductors are based in the thalomus or hippocampus regions of the brain.

From this, they say that people in depressive states of mind, such as those outlined in my previous post, are more inclined to suffer prolonged/chronic bouts of pain than those who don't.

Supposedly, this is why all chronic pain sufferers are "tested", being asked point specific questions giving indications that they are in "that" specific group of people.

Whether you know you are being tested for this particular reason is up to your Doctor. I was given a test at the pain clinic I attended. They did not advise the reason why - the physio did.

From my questioning her, especially after her supplying me with various reading materials, this is the theory I am asking about.

No I don't see a psyche. Supposedly, I don't need one. However, I do have an inquisitive mind and thought that other chronic painers may have thought of this too.

I asked if that was the reason so many of us are stuffed around.

She said I was not in that particular grouping. She said I wasn't. I asked how she knew. Simple!!

Mind you, I can get pretty confusing when I'm tired and suffering, so maybe that's where the crossed wires come in. Maybe I should hold it to times when my brain isn't so befuddled??

Regardless of how I've written what I have. The question still remains. Is this the subterfuge the medical world practices within????

I'm not on anti depressants. Who is?? They say that anti depressants work on the part of the brain that is able to block pain receptors. Is that true, or is there another reason these are given but the "block the pain receptor" story sounds better??

I'm not being neurotic or paranoid. Only following through, in an appropriate place, on a subject that is generally discussed by the medical world, hoping someone else has thought of the same.

Why? Because whichever way you go, this theory, that the majority of members of the medical world believe, reflects on us all, regardless of which side of the fence we are allocated.

My thinking is along the same lines as those mentioned by Dr. Whitfield. Unfortunately I don't have the gift of writing succintly in laymans terms.

My problem is, this theory makes me feel guilty and suspicious of my own pains, even though I've been told they, and I, are valid.

Don't you question it?????

take care, ila

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