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Posted by ila on April 18, 2000 at 12:33:13:

In Reply to: Re: posted by Tree Frog on April 18, 2000 at 03:52:09:

Hello to you TF, I took this advice seriously previous to this posting.

I have a good friend who has fibro. I've spoken to her a few times about it. Funnily enough, our symptoms sounded similar ages ago.

I asked my physio about fibro and she said, unfortunately, fibro was a psyche thing and was all in the mind.

We had a pretty lively discussion about this one. Especially considering many ignorant Doctors, GP's etc. think chronic painers are hypochondriacs etc.

She keeps pulling this "yes, but you have proof of injury, pain etc" on me. I don't know how to argue with this, although I do know the friend I speak of isn't a liar and most certainly isn't a hypo.

Regardless, in the end she did concede that maybe enough is known about fibro to enable sane convreation.

I noticed recently, in a conversation, that she did speak o.k. of a fibro patient of hers. Can only hope can't we.

Asked this pain manager I have about it. He said there are tests you can do to detect it. Will ask him if he could.

Can you go from having chronic pain to fibro??
Have asked if you can go from chronic pain to chronic fatigue or have the both at the same time so maybe that is possible.

"Will wait with bated breath".

take care, regards, ila:

Hi ila,
: I can empathize with your hypothetical is one I asked many times! Pain IS pain, and even tho much pain is indeed thru the mind and brain receptors, is it not still pain?
: So why not deal with the pain?

: I was labeled as menatl...I had a seriously sad beginning, and endured much that makes some people crack up, but I always faced matters head on and am very realistic....had psycho-therapy at my own insistence, and worked thru my problems as hard and fast as possible! Yet, when I had physical pain it was attributed to my past! It was so frustrating and demeaning.

: I got seriously depressed and almost suicidal from the pain and discouragement from the lack of genuine help from the medical world. They thought i was just in a pain cycle! I know about psychic pain and pain cycles....I also know when my pain is mental and when something is wrong with my body responses.

: I did not quit believing in my own perception, and you don't either!
: As I said in a previous post, though my thyroid lab appeared normal, it was finally discovered I am too low-thyroid for my own personal needs. Thyroid controls so much of the body function...I had blood in my urine from inflammation that docs could not detect reasons for! Had severe floating and random electrical "shocks" thru out my body. I was in horrible apin and even cried in front of others tho I am normally a tough lady.

: It was labeled fibromyalgia and had all kinds of suggestions of what it was, but was told repeatedly that no way was it thyroid.
: I suffered for YEARS before it was finally uncovered as thyroid related. I had been told to apply for SSI, even as disabled and incurable, tho no one knew just why!

: There are answers for what is happening to you, but the answers may not be forthcoming from pain management docs. Most are not trained in this enough, and sadly even many endos are not trained enough.
: Please take a look at and this website's thyroid board and ask many questions.TF

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