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Re: "pain over health" - hello everyone/Dr. Whitfield please.

Re: "pain over health" - hello everyone/Dr. Whitfield please.

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Posted by ila on April 18, 2000 at 13:10:56:

In Reply to: Re: "pain over health" - hello everyone/Dr. Whitfield please. posted by Tree Frog on April 18, 2000 at 03:29:20:

: : Dear Dr. Whitfield, hope this post finds you in good health and spirits.

: : Looks as though you've been extremely busy in the past month. Oh well, hate to add to your woes, but this questions been bugging me for the past few days.

: : My GP has stopped looking at "other" causes of what may be wrong with me and has put everything - and I mean everything, down to the chronic pain problem.

: : I recently went to consult with him on a problem I've been having with my bladder. I posted a question to you in regards to this matter.

: : Well anyway, after I supplied a sample, I was told to not worry, "it's clear". Unfortunately, the problem hasn't gone away, and seems to be getting worse, especially the colour of urine, burning etc.

: : I also have the "when I wake up in the morning" major pain problem around my midriff and groin that won't go away, although the pain has subsided somewhat.

: : What if I have a major "other" problem that is being missed because of my back? What would happen if this became the "major" problem at a later date?

: : Ethically, where would I stand?

: : Also, everyone around here seems to have a moral dilemna, not noticing that nothing is being done and I am being left by the way! I know what to do, I just don't know how to do it!

: : The chronic pain manager I saw on 17/3 will not, "out of respect and proximity", take over from my GP. As such, he will be sending his report to the man, advising him of what he suggests be done for me. I also went to see another Dr. at the local hospital who I thought would help me (she's a woman).

: : She too stated she'd be happy to take pap smears etc., but anything else would have to go through my GP. When I told her my GP was next to useless, she was very surprised and stated she thought he'd be "very sympathetic" to my cause.

: : I advised her that I didn't need sympathy, I needed action, and this was presently non existent. She then rattled off a couple of Dr/Specialists names and said she knew that one of them was a world renowned specialist in chronic back injuries, also wondering why I hadn't been sent to the man.

: : I asked her if she would see what was needed to see them. She will comply to that.

: : My problem is, everything is way off balance. I need help and I need it fast. I can't have a tantrum, I certainly don't want to scream at the top of my voice in the mans office.

: : I know I've been patient, much more than is deserved. If my back is getting worse through inaction, and other areas of my body are falling out as a result, what do I have to look out for and what are my alternatives??

: : Please advise - would really apprecate it.

: : take care, ila

Hello Tree Frog, thanks for your suggestions. I know this must be bugging you, me not taking your suggestion into account but believe me I have

I asked my GP and physio about low/high thyroid. Both said I couldn't have low as I haven't put on weight. Said the most likely would be high, but other symptoms don't match.

Also, no one else in my family have ever had problems with their thyroid, and neither have I pre injury.

I "was" an extremely fit person pre injury. Only problems I ever had were gynaecological with scar tissue attached to my uterus, or something like that, from a caesar and also a bit of minor degeneration on the coccyx.

Have ross river but that's usually under control. Used to brass me off as I worked around Aboriginal people and was told to be careful of tuberculosis and hepb. Went to Dr's and the hospital and they said "go away, there's nothing wrong with you.

One took a blood test and said he'd ring me if anything were wrong. Surprise, surprise, no phone call.

Six months later I went to an Aboriginal Health Clinic as I was still having flu/viral symptoms. Following blood tests, was told two days later that I had ross river.

Spoke to another doctor post injury, told them that story and they said "oh yes, your tests came back positive for ross river".

The w..ker didn't have the courtesy to put me out of my misery. Had a mantoux test for tb through all of this. Could've saved money and time if they'd told me.

So apart from these I was a perfectly healthy specimen.

My physio says I have anterior cruciate ligament damage in both knees. Pain in both knees is inconsistent - friend tells me her pain is a constant throb, ache and sharp pain. Is that possible? For a.c. pain to be over ridden by back problems.

I can tell you something though, the pain around the ulnar nerve is something else. It's sneaky too!

I don't know what to do Tree Frog, honestly. Thought I'd get some help from the new pain doc but he seems to be too busy, gp is ignorant of chronic pain and doesn't look like he really cares anyway. Only support is the physio and she can't push anyone to move.

As well as that, I take pain meds on a "catch up" basis. The way things are going I'll never be pain free even though drugs are availabe to give me that option..

Excruciating times ahead - wish me well.

Regards, ila:

: Just a suggestion:
: You might ask questions on the thyroid board. Low-thyroid is often the result of injury or other stress, and you do seem very stressed. If the docs seem not to "find" your other symptoms then it very well may be undiagnosed low-thyroid. Please ask a few questions and see waht you come up with. I was deemed mentalk myself, and kept trying to connect all my symptoms from my accident, for YEARS. Then finally had a break-thru and researched to find connections to thyroid! Still I was deemed normal thyroid. But it turns out the level was not normal for ME!
: Now I am on treatment and am doing much better!

: My symptoms WERE connected to my accident but not to my direct injuries. Please just see what you come up with in the way of answers...I want to see you get the help you need and deserve. TF

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