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Dr. Whitworth - anyone - Drugs forever??

Dr. Whitworth - anyone - Drugs forever??

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Posted by ila on April 27, 2000 at 11:32:07:

Hi Dr. Whitworth, hope this post finds you in good spirits.

Was talking to my physio today in regards to drugs, pain management etc. The new pain doc I saw, as well as a few other Doctors, stayed the weekend with her.

Discussions took place concerning my and other chronic pain case the physio has. End result, suggestion I be given mscont and referred as soon as possible to the pain management specialist and a neurologist as well as having the bone scan and mri.

Hopefully, all will happen in the next week or so - at least I hope things will move that fast.

"One can only hope".

As well as this, she said that as a result of the problems I'm having with my back, including the intensity and radiation/referral of pain, I'll probably need pain meds for the rest of my life.

Please tell me this isn't true. Surely once proper meds and management is actioned, steps can be taken, in this day and age, to return pain to main area, which in my case is around L5 S1.

If pain does plateau and body and mind adapt to it, couldn't I go off pain meds, either altogether or on an "as needs" basis??

If I can't and this is so, wouldn't the body get used to the pain meds anyway so you'd have to take stronger meds as a control mechanism?? And what's stronger than mscont??

Also, if pain is controlled adequately, would I be able to return to sport (i.e. basketball etc.), study and/or full time employment??

Or are these pipe dreams I should get used to going without??

I'm totally confused. I always thought pain would recede to a manageable degree once proper pain meds, management and/or other actions (corrective surgery etc.) were undertaken or completed.

p.s. I realise the other question I asked re. chick problems, isn't quite appropriate for public boards but I am serious in my need for answers. Know I should be asking those around me but it's not so embarrassing asking you as I know I'll never see you or anyone else on the board.

Also, you have loads more experience in chronic pain etc. than anyone else I know, so I thought that for sure you'd know something about this area.

Generally get a blank look from my Dr. who's karmic line is "it's got nothing to do with your back has it".

He always disassociates anything that's happening to me from my back, even though the majority of things occuring were never experienced pre injury.

As usual, thanks for your time and appreciate answers.

Regards, ila

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