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Re: Dr. Whitworth - no go!To Cee

Re: Dr. Whitworth - no go!To Cee

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Posted by ila on May 09, 2000 at 10:36:50:

In Reply to: Re: Dr. Whitworth - no go! posted by CEE on May 08, 2000 at 12:42:58:

Hi Cee, thanks for the words. Hope this post finds you in the best of health.

I don't actually feel belittled, just frustrated that a man of supposed intelligence can be so ignorant of the pain of another, especially when I know I'm not his only pain patient AND the info is readily available if he'd look or ask.

The man was actually sulking because the physio had sent me to the pain doc. How ridiculous is that!!

Doctors cover each others butts at the best of time, if I tried to change docs now, as a result of his actions, or should I say inaction, I'd probably be blacklisted in this area and possibly the rest of the Territory, excepting for the pain manager.

I'm told the p.m. will fax a letter or script, not really sure which, to the doc tomorrow in regards to the mscontin script/change over I need.

Here's hoping it's positive.

Can certainly handle the pain, can't handle ignorance, but do understand those who do go the way of suicide. Personally, I couldn't do that to my family and is totally against my culture's way of thinking.

Take care of yourself, regards, ila


: Hi Dr. Whitworth, hope you're well.

: : As advised, consult with my GP this afternoon. End result "I will not be responsible for the addiction of a patient of mine via mscontin". Advised him, as usual, of all pains, extra and otherwise. Also advised of my thoughts on why I have excruciating pains when first rising in the morning etc. No comment on any, no assist either.

: : He also says I may be better off with no pain meds at all, and that is what he would prefer me to have.

: : That said, he has stated he would write script if "directed" to by new pain manager whose report he read most recently recommending mscontin, pain management clinic and doctors, as well as the neurosurgeon in Adelaide.

: : How did I know what would happen. Another positive is he wrote an authority script for the oxy. Mind, he wouldn't put the mg up on that either, even though it was requested.

: : Next move??? I'll have to phone the pain manager tomorrow and ask him to phone or fax my GP immeditely. He, the p.m., will travel to the states this month, so will have to be fast.

: : He also commented on the speed with which my drug content had risen (i.e. mersyndol forte to oxy). Of this I stated I was undermedicated in the first place, something which I have said to him time and again.

: : Feel like a broken record in that office. So frustrating!! Nevertheless, am told he's the best doc in this vicinity so I'll more than likely have to digest and stomach until further notice.

: : Can't hold much longer. Pain is excruciating - said that before. How can these people watch while we disintegrate before their eyes.

: : Also told him I needed quality, not quantity of life. Didn't blink an eyelid. Isn't there something in your vows that says "save from suffering". Sure if I was a dog I'd get appropriate help immediately.

: : Oh well, another day!

: : How depressing - no wonder many contemplate suicide. Don't worry, would never do such a thing, but can fully understand the thought and action. Mind, have for a long time!!

: : Regards, ila

: Hi ila. I am so sorry your appointment went so badly. I'm still waiting (over 2 weeks) for my drs (neuro and GP) to decide what they will do next for my pain. It doesn't seem to matter while I wait on them I can't even sleep much at night. I don't understand why drs do this to their pts, even when they have a diagnosis of what is causing the pain. You begin to feel belittled when you ask for the drs help. I surely hope your pain dr will help you. I know it is very depressing being in constant pain. You do wonder if its worth living like this EVERY DAY with no relief. Wishing you the best. CEE

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