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Re: That's a real shame, for you and the child/Dr. Whitworth

Re: That's a real shame, for you and the child/Dr. Whitworth

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Posted by ila on May 14, 2000 at 11:41:53:

In Reply to: That's a real shame, for you and the child. posted by Mark M on May 12, 2000 at 23:20:50:

Hi Dr. Whitworth, apologies for bringing this up again. Notice the date is old.

I note you were willing to go to Russia to adopt. Would you go anywhere to adopt a child?? As a result of wars all over the place, children are supposed to be available in Kosovo!

These kids are absolutely gorgeous, but have been orphaned through war, as most of the kids in these countries have.

Wishing you luck in your quest for a child.
Kind regards, ila:

Hi Doc,

: I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out with the adoption. It seems that "red tape" is a world wide epidemic when it comes to adoptions.

: My wife and I had similar problems with bureaucratic fools, not to mention that every man and his dog wanted some kind of "payment" (read kickback).

: I hope, if you decide to try again, that your next attempt will prove successful. I know how emotionally draining it can be; we also went through years of IVF treatments, which was a real emotional roller-coaster ride.

: Best wishes to you and yours,
: Mark M

: : No, Mark you are correct. I planned a trip to Russia for an adoption, but at the last minute we received a medical report stating the child had moderate intracranial hypertension, which in a child that age usually means hydrocephalus, multiple surgeries, possible mental aberrations, and suggests other abnormalities. The Russian orphanage would not permit any Western doctor to examine the child, refused our request for a videotape (which is used in neuropediatric analysis), refused to permit the sponser to videotape the child, and refused to permit us to pay for a Russian doctor to examine the child. Also, the entire adoption process all over Russia has ground to a halt over the past 2 weeks because of a new law which has closed several areas of Russia for adoption. The orphanage could no longer guarantee the child would be there when we arrived, nor could they guarantee we would have the court date as scheduled. There was a suggestion that up to 2 months delay plus a second trip to Russia would be required. Just too many unknowns.....we bailed, and are very happy about the decision.

: : : Hi Doc,

: : : I heard on the grapevine what you're recent "vacation" was all about. Providing what I heard was true, I just wish to convey my hopes that all went well for you.

: : : My wife and I traveled this road several years ago, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful. So I sincerely hope everything worked out, as I do understand how important it must be for you.

: : : Sorry if I'm prying, but I was told that you made this information public, so I just wanted to offer you my well wishes, and best wishes for any future endeavours in this regard.

: : : Best wishes,
: : : Mark M.

: : : PS. I hope you know what I'm talking about, otherwise someone has been spreading rumours, and I'm going to look a tad foolish.

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