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Re: Dr. Whitworth/anyone with experience - depression!

Re: Dr. Whitworth/anyone with experience - depression!

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Posted by to Cee on May 20, 2000 at 11:05:54:

In Reply to: Re: Dr. Whitworth/anyone with experience - depression! posted by CEE on May 14, 2000 at 13:08:49:

: : Dr. Whitworth, how do you know if you're depressed??

: : I've been really tired, not really wanting to get out of bed these days. This is as well as all this pain, plus added areas as a result of my sacrum/pelvis being out of whack.

: : Right side of hip down caused extreme (more than usual) pain to toes. As well as pain, pins'n'needles to numb plus sharp stabs of pain around back/side of thigh area down outside of leg to ankle/foot, continue down outside of foot, across/under foot to big/second toes, with these areas going numb with pain still apparent.

: : As if that weren't enough, area kind of "throbbed" all the time. Very distressing!!

: : Anyway, back to depression. As well as not wanting/being able to get out of bed, I'm going around in circles everywhere. Going into the shopping centre for minimum amount of stores, feel like I'm going around in circles, time flying without me knowing where it goes.

: : Getting dizzy, nodding off heaps these days. Feel like killing someone, getting upset at the stupidest things that I usually brush off as being pathetic.

: : Into the Dr's surgery the other day, stood there and cried. "Never" do that kind of thing, especially not in public.

: : And no, it's not PMT stuff!!

: : Don't want to end up wanting to stay in bed all day. Is a pretty boring place to be at the best of times isn't it!!

: : What do I do about this one?? As well as this, nodding off thing is going full blast. Ditto for hand spasms.

: : As for the other stuff with pain doc/s, seeing doc tomorrow. Hopefully sort out reference to them then. Will post back to keep you informed. Maybe all will work out after pain doc re-sent same report but addressed it to my doc.

: : How's that for a sook huh! Stay well, ila

: Hi ila,its Cee. I'm 46yrs old and have never been depressed until I became disabled. Your whole life changes drastically,and its sooo hard to know you are always going to live with this MONSTER(pain). It sounds like you are becoming depressed. Besides becoming depressed I also stared having panic attacks. Its gotten where it is even hard to go out unless I'm with somebody. I haven't told my friends or family because it would be too embarrassing and I don't want to feel even more vulnerable. I did talk to my dr. He has me on Zoloft now. Its for depression and anxiety. It helps a little but it sure isn't any wonder drug. I still get anxious with out any provacation. Hopefully you can talk to your dr and see if he can see what works best for you. Its the PITS,having a chronic condition.Its like a domino affect for everything else in your life. Have a nice weekend? Oh, do you know if Dr. Whitworth is on vacation? I haven't seen him post for awhile. I hope he is doing ok and not ill. Talk to you soon. Cee

Cee- there are other anti-depressants out there, Zoloft hits one or two nerve receptors, Effexor,
etc may hit others that Zoloft does not. Might consider giving a different anti-depressant a try????

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