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Re: Pump Research

Re: Pump Research

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Posted by Sidney on May 26, 2000 at 22:27:15:

In Reply to: Re: Pump Research posted by Dani on May 26, 2000 at 18:34:25:

: Dear Sidney-

: I noticed that you said that the pump should be done as
: a 'last resort'..why? My doctor has mentioned the possibility
: to me; however, I am only 20 and he said that I am young for
: having one implanted. I've already had surgery for back problem
: and I am in a severe amount of pain. According to my doctor, I will
: most likely need another major operation on two of my discs but right
: is not the appropriate time for it. I am currently taking sustained
: and immediate release morphine tabs and have been for a couple months.
: Can you function with the normal is your life? Right now,
: I am willing to try anything to get my life back to normal. Please respond.
: Thanks- Danielle

Hello Danielle, My statement "the last resort" meant,after you have had all possible sugeries,blocks,etc.and NOTHING works,you go for the pump. I have to take breakthru med as needed at times.Time released Morphine tabs. My life is much better with the pump,but I still have my limations(EX.)sitting too long,no lifting,watch the heat of hot tubs as excessive heat is not good. Thinking back to my back surgeries without pain relief and the time wasted on tests,blocks,epiderals I only wish that I had known of the Morphine Pump sooner. But of course it wouldn't have done me any good as still had to go thru everything first to get to the pump! Before I had the Morphine Pump implanted,I had an epidural for 3 weeks one time and it really worked great!!!No pain at all,but the problem with that was that it cannot be a left for any great length of time as it was external and the danger of infection was too great.The most important thing I have found is to realize that there is nothing that will take the pain away completly,but between the pump and breakthru meds my pain is much smaller! By the way, the pump is the size of a hockey Puck and I forget that I have it in most times. Of course my days of wearing a 2 piece or tight bathing suite is over,but it is a small price to pay for pain relief. One other small piece of info is if you fly you have to show you ID card as the pump will set the alarm off at airports!Of course the ID card is important anyway wheather you travel or not.One last thing,with the pump--the doctor can increase the dosage with smaller dosage(as med is stronger) and you don't have that sleepy,crazy feeling,like you do with oral med increase. Hope I have helped you and not rambled on too much. Sidney

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