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Re: Pump Research

Re: Pump Research

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Posted by Sidney on June 01, 2000 at 21:47:17:

In Reply to: Re: Pump Research posted by dani on May 28, 2000 at 22:51:33:

: Thanks for taking the time to respond. I had no idea that the pump was so big! Where is it implanted? And what does it look like from the outside? Is it a painful procedure? Does it stick out at all? Does it really interfer with wearing certain things? And how big is the incision to implant it? Sorry I'm bombarding you with all of these questions..but obviously you know the answers! Thanks again! Dani, Hello again! The pump is implanted on my lower right side under my waist. What the doctor does is make an incision(flap pf abd. skin),inserts pump under the skin and sutures it back coverering the pump. At the same time a small cath. in inserted from back to meet the pump so that your meds will go where they are supposed to. The incision in the back is only about 2 inches long and not painful,heals very fast. From the outside the pump looks like a O round circle under the skin only. There is nothing showing on your back except a very small scar. Question about sticking out from pump--it all depends how much you weigh and the size of your abd,but it is not huge! I forget I have mine in at times!The only way someone can tell you have the pump is if you would wear tight clothes,which I am sure you wouldn't. Painful procedure--you have incision pain at first after surgery but that goes away soon as the surgery is NOT DEEP,there are NO muscules or tendons cut,only the skin to place the pump under.Kind of like a small "top crust on a pie",nothing major!The incision is 5 to 6 inches long,more than likely depending on the person. One good thing about the surgery is that it is not perament,it can be removed if neccessary. The clothing you wear depends on how close to the waist the implant is done. Mine is lower and I don't have too many problems with my clothing!!Hope I have been of some help to you. By the way,do you know what is going on with this site? I am new new and the only thing I can figure out is that someone or something made the Dr. angery and he is no longer on this site. Seems such a shame as from what I had read he certainly seemed to know his medicine and answered many questions. Hope everything works out and he will return! Hope to hear from you. Take care and hang in there!!Sidney

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