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Re: sharing medication

Re: sharing medication

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Posted by Becky on June 26, 2000 at 18:45:17:

In Reply to: Re: sharing medication posted by Victoria on June 26, 2000 at 14:57:20:

:. : I have been attending a pain management clinic for over 2 years and am currently on 40mgs oxycontin 3 times daily (8 hour increments) with 20 mgs IR for breakthrough, neurotin 300mg 3/day. My doctor tells me that if I stop them for any reason I will go through a horrible withdrawal and that I'm not to attempt that without his assistance. This is even written into the "contract". I have breast cancer. The problem is that I will be visiting my son for the first time in a very long time who tends to "hunt" for narcotics which his doctors won't prescribe for obvious reasons. He usually tries to get me to "offer" him some by acting like he is in horrible pain and has "nothing" to take for it. When I don't take the bait, he just comes right out and asks for "just one." While I'm compassionate yet doubtful of his symptoms, I just don't want to play the game anymore. His anger is like something out of a horror movie when he dosen't get what he wants and he says things which are even worse. Any advice on how to handle the inevitible would be helpful.

: PLEASE, please, take it from someone who has shared your diagnosis. You need that which is prescribed FOR YOU. One earlier follow-up suggested that you allot only as much meds as you will need. That's good advice. Secondly, if the visit with your son becomes too strained for YOUR GOOD, can you arrange a secondary place to stay sot hat you can relax and truly enjoy YOURSELF? This is not a selfish motive. Right now -- and I know this -- much of your concentration, your activity and your VISUALIZATION of a self needs to concentrate on your sound health. Have a good time!

I mistakenly put my son's name as my name. That said, thanks for all the advice and I have thought of this and tried to use some of these same arguments with him with no success. He just blows up and says that not only does he have ignorant and unsupportive physicians, now he has an unsupportive and unsympathetic mother. He feels that no one knows how much pain he is in and they all look at him "over the tops of their glasses." I've said that I have a contract and he responds that no one will know unless I'm stupid enough to tell. It has ended up at times that we are not speaking when I'm leaving to go back home. Since his problem is "headaches," I wonder if he has chosen this symptom since there is no proof and a grey area to treat. What if I'm wrong and he really has migrains that they have not yet found a treatment for. I also think that my baggage has been searched albeit carefully from time to time. He knows more about pills that most pharmacists and can identify just from looking what kind of medication is what. I do not put it past him to sneak a few if I not totally on guard. What a terrible thing!

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