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Re: Drug testing - standard procedures?

Re: Drug testing - standard procedures?

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Posted by blondie098 on September 28, 2000 at 21:01:07:

In Reply to: Re: Drug testing - standard procedures? posted by david charles on September 28, 2000 at 10:47:15:

Then we don't need to be worried, right? The only meds in his system are the ones that have been prescribed by his doctor, and yes, he only saw his primary doc while we were waiting to see Pain Management for first time. (Actually, our HMO scheduled appts with different docs because his primary wasn't available, but those docs consulted with his primary, and the same pharmacy was always used. There is a complete track record of where and when the meds came from). He doesn't do any illegit stuff, and doesn't drink. Actually, the doc seemed shocked when he asked about alcohol, and hubby said "about once or twice a year" (a beer or two)

BTW - does the smoke help you? I know it helps glaucoma patients and sometimes cancer patients?

: : When you first go to see pain management docs, is it standard procedure for them to order a complete blood "tox screen"? Or do they just do this for people who "look the type" to be drug addicts (long-hair, biker-dude looking guy)?

: : I understand why they asked hubby to sign "narcotics contract", but anyone else had the doc make snide remarks about "we need a blood test to check for abuse" (all that has been taken is what was prescribed by main doctor while we were waiting to see pain mgmt, but he seemed a little rude about it)?
: Yes it is standard to do drug screening. They are looking for illegal or unprescribed drugs. How the react to the findings depends on the Doc's veiw on the particular drug they find. For me, when I entered I told them up front I smoked pot. They tested me and the doc seemed more curios about whether it helped or not. She said she could not advocate the use but doesn't hold it against me when prescribing. Certainly there are drugs that are huge health risks that require detoxing and serious consideration before prescribing addictive drugs. By the way, a leather jacket doesn't mean your a drug user nor does a white collar indicate the lack of use. Personally I've known docs, lawyers and preists that smoke pot, and I know a few bikers that woold never touch it. Your husband was not singled out. H

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