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Re: Dr.Whitworth...what is MYOPOINT please?

Re: Dr.Whitworth...what is MYOPOINT please?

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Posted by Steve on October 10, 2000 at 17:33:53:

In Reply to: Re: Dr.Whitworth...what is MYOPOINT please? posted by Cynthia on May 21, 2000 at 21:12:50:

: : : : : That term is not commonly used in pain medicine and I must admit I have never heard of it before. There are trigger point injections for myofascial pain, but perhaps others know more about the technique you named.

: : : : : : Dr. Whitworth,
: : : : : : I am visiting this site for the first time today, and I feel like some of the weight of my chronic pain has lifted already. I had successful spinal surgery (c3-7) 2 years ago, but have suffered from TMJ and severe headaches ever since. My primary doc has just about exhausted all his resources on me...he is sending me to something called myopoint. It's my understanding this is some kind of pain mgmt. I am currently taking Flexiril for my tmj, and Prozac for the depression that came with all my pain. Can you give me a clue as to what to expect from myopoint? What can I ask for as far as pain relief?? Thanks so much, I am most grateful. Cynthia

: : : : Dr. Whitworth,
: : : : Thanks so much for your answer. While I'm waiting for my pain mgmt. referral ,(oh, the joys of managed health care) should I insist on some pain medication? My doctor has been pretty good, but he's taken me off anything with codeine...the ONLY drug that's alleviated significant pain. Others (Ultram, Darvon) have made me violently ill, for some reason. I know he's concerned about addiction possibilities, but I have never misused medication. I feel like my family is being cheated out of a good mother and wife while I deal with this. By the way, I've been thru acupuncture, myofacial spec., dentists, phys. therapy-I now take 10-15 Motrin a day(which barely put a dent in the pain) but wouldn't it be easier on my system to take 3-5 Vicodin per day?? Or is there something my doc would consider if I asked? Cynthia

: : : Your doc may consider Talwin or a hydrocodone compound...but alas, if he is concerned about addiction in a chronic pain patient, you may want to consider other doctors. The incidence of addiction has been reported to be about 0.3% in chronic pain patients taking opioids. However, he may want to wait to try the therapy prior to opioids...ask him what his plans are...

: : Obviously I am no dr, but I have tried a lot of meds *feel like the test monkey of america!"
: : I clench my teeth, dentist said I have TMJ,
: : I have found that Zanaflex works good for relaxing the muscles and at least my Dr said it is not addicting. Also Vioxx worked real well for tooth pain/infections (just as good as Vicoden or Vicoprofen)
: : Just info I wanted to share......

: To Dr. Whitworth,
: Thanks again. I will call my Dr. tomorrow and ask about Talwin or hydrocodone compound. My general outlook since yesterday has been better, just knowing I have a few more possibilities.
: ps. My husband also thanks you!

: To Mel-thanks for the input. I've never tried
: Zanaflex, it may be worth a try. I have been using Vioxx with limited success. My insurance won't cover it (my doc gives me free samples)and when I found out the price ($3.75 per tablet) I started rethinking!! I appreciate the help. Cynthia

: A few thoughts. If its the Mypoint I am thinking about it is big on spindle fibers in muscles and big right off the bat at you getting rid of all your drugs and attending their meetings. I took one stretching and was in so much pain and frankly believe... you help me reduce this pain and I'll reduce the meds. I have actually been taking some form of hydrocodone for 9 years and still can go a few days without any when the pain has lightened up so I resent the notion that I am an addict. Your can read over and over that 1% or less of those taking pain killers for pain are going to become addicts. There is a tendency to feel guilty that anything about drugs is BAD is our society. I have always been under a Dr's care and never gotten two or more doctors involved to get the pills.... that a bad sign. Unless Myopoint really has something for your particular problem, don't take the guilt trip or stay with them if you have been responsible with your meds.

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