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Re: bulging disc.. sciatica..

Re: bulging disc.. sciatica..

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Posted by Ruth on October 11, 2000 at 21:42:32:

In Reply to: Re: bulging disc.. sciatica.. posted by Mark on September 10, 2000 at 15:03:05:

Hi...ive read some of these posts and they say not to worry about a bulging herniated disk...i am 38 and also have the same problem in the same area...done the anti drugs and the pain the PT and steroid injection down 2 to go..helped a little but not alot...i also can not swim it is excruiating pain..cannot walk or stand for long as pain goes down right leg...i also do not want surgery but i don't know wehat else to try..i'm tired of living this's been over 6 months now and I don't know waht else to do...???? any sugestions out there..??? thanks: : Hi Mark,
: : A bulging disk isnít anything to worry about. If you are in pain you probably think I am pretty goofy making a statement like that but, almost everyone has some bulging disk as we get older. They arenít a problem unless the part of the disk that is bulging out bulges out far enough to touch something. That is usually what causes the pain.
: : You mentioned the si joint. Could you mean the sciatic nerve? The most common disk problem is when the L5/S1 disk (the disk right at the top of your buttocks) bulges out and touches the sciatic nerve.
: : The brain controls everything in your body. To control your legs, feet, toes, etc. a nerve has to run to that spot from the brain. The nerve that is called the sciatic nerve passes close to the L5/S1 joint and if that disk bulges far enough to touch it you will feel like a hot wire is burning inside your leg all the way down to your feet. Very, very bad pain. This is the most common of lumbar disk problems.
: : The magnetís are considered a joke around the pain bulletin boards I hang out at, forget it. An osteopath doctor isnít much different than any other doctor except that they believe more in the bodyís ability to heal itís self. They would be less likely to suggest surgery. Any doctor will first get you going on an exercise program, unless you are in to much pain to exercise. What has your doctor suggested ?
: : If you are not yet in to much pain and looking to avoid surgery, and all the pain that goes with it, I would try swimming laps and a weekly back massage. Swimming laps can help the alignment of your disks and a massage can help keep the muscles in your back from causing a problem.
: : Good luck and God bless,
: : John H

: Well i meant to say that i have the l5/s1 jont bulging out to irritating the sciatic nerve. It is irritating my sciatic nerve down to my toes. I have tried swimming but it is to painful. I tried exercises also recommened by the physical therapist but it seems to do little effect. I don't want to do surgery but the pain isn't to severe. It comes and goes when i have stood up for long periods of time or sit down for a long time. I'm running out of options for doctors. I'm only 20 and i don't want surgery because i have heard of all the horror stories and i also don't want this injury effecting me for the rest of my life.
: My orthopedic said that surgery wasn't needed but it'll take a while for the problem to go away. He recommened me to see a therapist with using heat packs, electrical stimulation, and massage. It didn't do much good.
: I don't know what else to do. I've had this problem now for about 2 months. Any suggestions???

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