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to david charles

to david charles

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Posted by alan zykofsky on October 20, 2000 at 01:14:12:

i haave not been on for a few days. last week i was involved in a c ar crash again. some jerk slammed into the back of my car so i have been in alot more pain in my lower back and i have two new areas which are killing me my neck and mid back, so now i have to get three new mri's .so everything is on hold until i get the results back form my new mri's.
i think i have found 2 doctors to retest with,but have to wait.i spoke with my surgeon and he says that i need to be cleared before i get the spinal cord stimulator. i ned a psychologist to test me and say i can get this done.this set by the company that does make the, i am happy to know i have other doctors to reest. i was starting to feel beter about my self you know less depressed, but bang boom this happened aanother accident just what i needed.
battered nerve syndrome is wht my surgeon has down on my chart. i have siactica problems,but that is not the major problem anymore. my major problem i ain my loweer back going thru my groina nd buttocks,and into my thighs and hamstrins. i have chronic pain and burnig although that region.
my pain is so bad that even on my pain meds i still feel the pain. i have been out of work now for over 2.6 years,because of this.also, i can feel things on the surface,but my right side is much more dull than myleftside to sensations. when my dr. tet me with that needle thing i have less sensation on my problems are mostly internal .
i was on oxycontin for a while, and dilaud. those were the last two i have been on at one time 7 pain meds at once. i stopped 6,because i just could not deal with so many anymore. i now am on mscontin which a more powerful morphine based drug. i am on 100 mg tablets twicw a day. i like them better tan the oxycontin. give them a try,and let me know how they work for you.

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