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Re: The neck bone connected to the leg bone??

Re: The neck bone connected to the leg bone??

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Posted by John, edited on October 27, 2000 at 06:34:40:

In Reply to: The neck bone connected to the leg bone?? posted by John Honsaker on October 25, 2000 at 06:31:04:

: : I shattered two discs in my neck 17 years ago in a water skiing accident. Since then I've had 4 surgeries to repair my C-spine. I have found relief from time to time but each time I find a combination of meds that works the doctor takes me off for fear of addiction. I now am at my wits end. I have had to change insurance companies and doctors. This new primary care physician says I have degenerative disease and nothing he can do. My leg has gone numb and I have a hard time walking. He won't refer me to a specialist, says there is nothing they can do.
: : Help!

: Hi Kymm
: I have found that writing your feelings down helps. When it is in writing it gives the doctor something to refer to and gives the insurance company something to worry about. The insurance company has to worry that you might end up taking them to court and they canít BS the judge saying they didnít know about the prob. Etc.. Write a short letter to your new doctor listing the dates of your previous surgeries, their results, and what combination of drugs worked to relieve your pain. If you are in constant 24/7 pain, explain so in the letter and mention that you only want relief for 70%-80% of the pain. You may become dependent upon the drugs to keep away the pain but you wonít become addicted.
: The problem comes from the government (go figure). Sometimes they clamp down on the doctors for giving to many pain med.ís as if he/she is a pusher. If they go after a doctor he/she can loose their license to practice or at least spend a lot of time defending their drug policy. If you put it in writing he/she has something to Ďfall back oní if the government gives him any crap.
: When did the leg problem start? The most common cause of leg problems is the L-5 / S-1 lumbar disk. It is right at the top of your buttocks and the most common of all lower back problems. Of course your spinal cord runs down your back from your head to just below the L-1 /L-2 junction in your back. It runs right next to your C-spine and could have been injured is such a way that it causes your leg numbness but that would be unusual.

: Good luck and God bless,
: John H.

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