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Re: Pain meds for after surgery

Re: Pain meds for after surgery

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Posted by Rayman on November 15, 2000 at 20:55:21:

In Reply to: Re: Pain meds for after surgery posted by TAMI on November 15, 2000 at 19:11:59:

: : Hi Rayman, all I can say is that it must take a high pain med to soothe your pain. The tylenol numbers are like taking M&Ms. There I have to agree with you. Hydrocodone is generic for one of the drugs you mentioned that didn't work for you. You may want your doc to prescribe oxycodone w/apap 5/325 Tabs. It works really well! You many need a more higher dosage on account of your body weight. But you are correct with the Demerol. I had an injection of it once prior to my back surgery because I was having an epidual block injection in hopes that I wouldn't have to have back surgery but that didn't work. The nurse described it as the "feel good of all meds". And boy she wasn't kidding!!! Talk about feeling no PAIN AND GREAT! The world could have been ending and I wouldn't have given a rat's behind! LOL I guess if your doc has no problem with giving you that med and there's no chance of becoming addicted to it I couldn't see the harm in it if it's going to help with pain and your doc agrees to it. Question for you? Did your doc say how much pain to expect? Does he know or do you just want to be prepared for the worse scenerio?

: : You should wait to see what happens and how you'll feel once out of the recovery room. You may be "jumping the gun" if you know what I mean. Definitely discuss your pain threshold with your doc if you haven't already so he himself can be prepared but wait until after your surgery and the anesthesia(sp) wears off to see how much pain you are really in. Then and only then can you get a true picture of what pain you are really in. Please keep me posted Rayman and be well.
: Neurontin IS for a certain type of pain VERY effective. Not for soft tissue insults like GB surgery. Sorry you have to have the non-scopic procedure.Your Gall Bladder is NOT a useless organ. It secretes bile that helps in the digestion of fats. My X husband had his removed in the Air Force and actually received a disability rating for that. He now has high cholesterol due to the missing gall bladder. His was removed by the same surgery you will have as the new procedure wasn't invented then. He was 21 and is now 49. He takes a lot of meds for the fats in his blood but has it under control. However, a diseased gallbladder is no good.I don't think pills are really the answer to pain. Believe me I do know what chronic pain is. IF you do what the Dr tells you and rest post op and slowly get back to your normal activity you may find that you don't have all that much pain. Pain is a means for the body to tell us we are hurt and what limits we have to place on ourselves until we are healed. Listen to it. Drugged sleep isn't very satisfying. It may be easier to nod off than you think. Or do you have insomnia anyway?


Thanks Fran, Tami et al, I will be having my big day this friday. The doc said he will be giving me tylenol#3 w/codine when I leave the hospital after about 4-5 days. He said if the pain was paid enough when I got home, he said I could take 2-tablets and see how it goes. As far as what he will prescribe while I'm in the hospital will be determined later. He said for me not to worry about that because they nurses will make sure I'm taking care of. He did mention a Morphin drip or something like that.

Anyhow....If you want I'll keep ya posted of the results (maybe I can sneek my laptop and type while I'm in the hospital)?
Thanks again.

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