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Re: DDD, DJD - Fentanyl patch not working

Re: DDD, DJD - Fentanyl patch not working

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Posted by mervin on November 26, 2000 at 15:06:18:

In Reply to: DDD, DJD - Fentanyl patch not working posted by blondie098 on November 24, 2000 at 18:57:05:

This way you have to keep checking on his kidney & liver functions. You should try a certain fruit juice, US-made, 75% as effective as morphine sulfate (without the addiction too), he'll sleep well and it has been known to work well in a holistic manner. It's a 100% pure fruit juice. [email protected]

: I've made other posts regarding hubby's problems... his pain mgmt doc put him on Duragesic about two+ months ago. has upped dose a couple times. He's not getting any relief, and doc ordered physical therapy (he's got two herniated, four bulging and three others degenerated - total 9-1/2 from T5 down) but won't give any additional meds for breakthru.

: Yesterday, doc said "you are obviously not responding to opiate therapy"... then ups the dosage to 100. Says continue PT. Still won't give anything additional, except OTC Tylenol.

: Was taken off Oxycontin and Percocet to try the patch, we were worried about kidney/liver complications from oral meds (12 percocet a day, which didn't cut the pain - - or - - 3 oxycontin a day, plus about 6 percocet for breakthru) Flexeril hasn't helped. Baclofen makes physically ill. Elavil has helped him get a little sleep.

: If he is not responding to the Fentanyl, where do we go from here?

: Two surgeons said they won't attempt surgery, he has too many levels affected. Pain Management doc referred him to a psychologist (this guy has been giving us the impression that he thinks it's all in hubby's head). We're being pawned off by everyone, and still no results. Been off work 5 months with no pay, no benefits or assistance (three kids to care for). Any input on our next step would be greatly appreciated. My patience with these judgemental docs is wearing thin. I'm tired of seeing my love in pain, and noone wants to do anything but pawn him off.

: He's under contract for meds with pain mgmt doc, who seems to enjoy slinging insults our way, so can't just go to another doctor. Why is he not helping lessen his pain? What can we do?

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