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Re: Neurontin and Elavil, have you ever sufered bad physcological side efects? I did!!

Re: Neurontin and Elavil, have you ever sufered bad physcological side efects? I did!!

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Posted by Carla on December 18, 2000 at 07:53:53:

In Reply to: Re: Neurontin and Elavil, have you ever sufered bad physcological side efects? I did!! posted by Denise on July 30, 2000 at 17:52:12:

: : I recently was given prescriptions for Neurontin & Elavil and suffered strange and scary physcological changes with 7 day's of dosing. Inability to sleep accompanied by hallucinations and voices from no where. I am in my 30's and have been on pain medication for years, not once in my life did I ever experience anything like that before. After a little research I found out both drugs are relative newcomers to pain magement and did not appreciate being given anti - depressants to treat pain. I am not depressed just in pain. Has anyone every lived through this frightening experience ? Please, any info would be appreciated. By the way, has anyone used these med,s without any side effects ? Thank You. John

: Dear John,
: I am taking neurontin and have been on Elavil along with it also. I didn't experience any negative side effects, but we are all different.
: Anti depressants have been proven effective as pain relievers, and Elavil can help you sleep
: which can prevent you from becoming sleep deprived.
: Do you have RSD? Why do you need neurontin?
: Denise

Yes, I had lung surgery and was prescribed neurontin 300mg for pain along with opium patches, paxil, remoron, two blood pressure medicines, apill for angina, and a bronclill stimulator. These to take all together upon leaving hospital. Feeling that allthis medicine was overdoing it , and having no pain medicine three weeks later, I took aremeron and neurontin to help me sleep, I hoped, and it gave me horrible sensations -flayling arms and legs, as though my body and brain were not connected. I was sleepy and very groggy but my body's limbs were restless and felt like maybe worms were eating my flesh from inside. It scared me so bad and after sleeping , finally, it felt like i was trying to start up again,the next day. It upsets me that doctors prescribe so much anti-depressants for pain and then throw in something they know so little about , which I read also is used for mood swings?????? Something is terribly wrong , here. Would like to read any comments on this please.--Carla


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