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Posted by Betty D. on August 29, 2000 at 11:41:49:

In Reply to: Re: Alzheimers, Parkinson's, or both posted by Carole on August 28, 2000 at 13:14:00:

: : : : I haven't been able to find any literaturespecifically addressing memory loss problems in Parkinson's patients. My mother has been diagnosed for over 2 years now. She is on Sinement and Requip, plus Prozac for depression and Ambien for sleeping problems. She is having an increasing problem with her memory, especially short term. I don't know if it is all part of the Parkinson's, attributable to the medications, or she is also developing Alzheimer's. Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks, Peg
: : : Peg, It seems like whenever someone has a question about a Parkinson's symptom I usually have had it. So this is what I have learned having pd for eleven years. Short term memory loss does affect many pd patients. I am constantly trying to remember where I put things. Recebtly, I managed to lose a set of car keys, once I walked out the door without my house key and not only that I had forgotten to take my medicine. Some of it is pd patients tend to have poor concentration and, if the patient has depression that also affects short term memory loss. It doesn't have to be a big problem. I just try to be more careful and do things like run down a "checklist" in my mind like check to see if I have my billfold, keys, etc before locking the door behind me. I don't think I am at the "looney" stage yet. So I don't worry about it.Bruce

: : Peg,

: : Bruce covered the short term memory.But I was wondering who said she had Alzheimers. 25% of PWP develope dementia after long term PD.My husband has had this for a long time.He has had PD for over 25yrs.There are books on Alzheimers.Also a very good Parkinsons book..Parkinson's Disease. A Guide for Patient and Family.By Roger C.Duvoisin,M.D. Have you tried the website WWW.NPF. org ..... they also will send you books free.
: :

: : Googy

: My Aunt has the same symptoms. They have her on Aricept, which one of my neuros said wouldn't halp after a certain stage or point. (Just take your money) Dr. Koller said Alz and PD are on the same spectrum but on opposite ends of the line. There's no way to know for sure until autopsy of the brain. They are similar problems dimensia wise, but different sets of problems at the same time. I guess it's not at all unusual to display symptoms of both diseases, but that actual dual conditions are NOT that common. As the great Doctor said, the only way to ever know is after life is over and the brain is left for research. My mother has a 5 second moemory, but hers is due to a vascular problem; her heart is not gettingenough brain to her brain. She has VT; ventricular tachycardia. Dimensia comes from many causes. I know that my home family used to infuriate my mother by implying she ewas a little nutty or had Alzheimers. She would see my dad giving his head a corkscrew motion with his finger and get so mad at him. They would say, "See, anger - anger equals Alzheimers." I actually had her examined by an Alzheimer's specialist. Even the technician discovered she had little blood getting to the brain. I think they've quit the Alz. route, although my Dad's depression sets him in a foul mood, and he seems to like to needle my mother in these cases (they're 91-85 and have been married since 1931!! Next year will be the 70th anniversary.
: Carole

Carole......Hats off to any couple who will celebrate 70 years together! They are allowed to make any type of "Gesture" they desire, in my book! Betty D.

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