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Posted by Bruce on August 29, 2000 at 18:28:14:

In Reply to: Re: Urinary frequency and Constipation posted by Carole on August 29, 2000 at 16:54:10:

: : My Mom has been diagnosed w/ PD for 3 years now, and she having urinary frequency and retention, and severe constipation. She has the urge to pee every 30-45 minutes which is worse sometimes at night. Is this normal? Is this about what you PD'rs are experiencing? Also the constipation is really making her miserable, more miserable than some of the other symptoms. We have tried everything including the applesauce/prune juice/bran formula I had seen here before! Help! Any information would be welcome. Thanks! BTW, this is a great board and great people who share some valuable info that helps caregivers like myself!

: Debbie-
: This is a problem for most PWP. I am younger and more active than most (I've been told) and I think that in itself is of benefit. I drink lots of water. That seems to be #1 help in keeping things moving down there. Yes, it makes me run to the john every 30 minutes or so. As I understand it, PD affects every muscle in the body and often peristolic action is inhibited as well as urinary retention. Luckily I learned about exercising the "kegel" muscle 20 years ago (there are many varieties of exercises, from beginners to advanced!) My father suffers from the same problem and is wearing his Depends with bitter dignity. When left on his own, he drinks NO water. I've said it before, PD is a full-time job. We have to exercise major muscle groups as well as the "other" kind. I also went thru a cleanse two years ago, so you might want to research colonics. I recommend the Young Living web site. It's a topic that can really be very enlightening, and you'll find out that a lot of people are worried about their colon these days!! Don't forget to research parasites; about 93% of people have them, and they aren't so easy to detect as some may think; they cause a whole array of problems. I've said enough on this subject. I just know what has worked best for me: water, activity, exercise! Good luck!
: Carole

Debbie, yes the urinary frequency is a common problem. One major problem if there is urinary retention it makes the possibility of an infection much more likely. The problem that makes constiption worse is we don't eat enough high fiber foods. I found something that works perfectly for me and that is oat bran tablets. I take three pills per day and it always works. I tried taking two pills and it wouldn't work. We need a lot more fiber than we could get from our diet. Bruce

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