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Posted by Bruce on September 01, 2000 at 22:24:05:

In Reply to: Re: Ayurveda in Parkinson`s desease posted by Debbie on September 01, 2000 at 17:31:38:

: : Dear Colleagues:

: : I saw a program of The nature of Things, by Davis Suzuki where he show an Ayurveda Center in USA who treats Parkinson`s desease with a herbal preparation. The convultions stops at 30 minutes after the administration of the formula.
: : I need details about it. Please can you help me

: Ayurvedic medicine was one of the first to identify and diagnose parkinsonian symptoms (long before Dr. Parkinson!) and give the disease a name which in Sanskrit is called "Kamppa". The herbal prep most likely contains the extract of Mucuna Pruriens beans which contains high levels of Dopamine. So in essence they are most likely using the prep to replenish the dopamine in the body. Hope this helps.

Todays medical treatments are actually derived from a wide array of cultural practices which may date back for many centuries. Effective treatments tend to be incorporated into wider usage, while ineffective treatments are eventually discarded, For example, Avurveda an ancient indian system of medicine , described a condition centuries ago that was most likely Parkinson's disease. They developed treatments using Mucuna pruriens a legume which has been recently demonstrated to contain levodopa, a modern therapy for Parkinson's disease. Clearly, the selection process will happen with the complementry therapies of today. The ones that do not will pass into obilivion along with blood letting "cure all" tonics and other once popular treatments. One disadvantage in taking alternative medicines is the lack of research studies examining the effectiveness of these therapies. Bruce

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