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Posted by Ruth on September 15, 2000 at 03:07:48:

In Reply to: Re: Leg Cramp Remedy? posted by Betty D. on September 13, 2000 at 17:54:21:

: : : : I was curious if anyone had ever heard of this old-fashioned remedy for leg cramps. I just read this sugggestion last night; the person saying that it had worked for them in that they had not suffered from leg cramps since doing this the past two years.
: : : : Here it is:
: : : : Take a bar of soap, out of it's wrapper, put rubber bands around it to use for anchors, and pin it to the underside of your sheet so your legs rest on it at night.
: : : : Now, has anyone ever heard of this or tried it?? I'm such a "princess and the pea" person, I'm afraid the lump under my sheet would keep me awake!
: : : : What do you think??
: : : : Carole

: : : Hi, Carole,
: : : Here's what i would say if it were not you--who p;ut forth such a ridicuously sounding suggestion

: : : You havw unequivically, dustressingly, completely lost it!!!!!!!
: : : But i have had only high marks for things you have sent my way or thru the message board...SO FAR--so, i am going to try it

: : : Hope you are doing
: : : well--pete
: : +++++++++++0
: : Pete-
: : I PROMISE, I haven't lost it - not yet - LOL!!!!!!
: : But I haven't tried this bizarre method either. I also wondered if it had to be an unused bar of soap (it would be a good way to use up a bunch of little nubs- smaller lumps in a little zipper bag?) or what brand was best; i.e., would Irish Spring make you jump out of bed and dance a jig in the morning? (just kidding). Now I AM losing it! Pete, if you really DO try this, you have to let us know if it works!!
: : Carole ;-P
: : +++++++++++++++++

: Now Carole, I haven't been able to shake this thought of a bar of soap under my hubbys legs!!!!!
: What Soap company would make such a large bar to go under both legs......or do they each get their own bar?????Never heard of this......might work, who knows? I have heard of putting it under your arms pitts for a period of time to make someone believe that YOU ARE GOING MAD! You foam at the mouth....Sure nuff....Betty D.

Hey, if it works, who cares how silly it is LOL! But I don't think I could keep my legs still enough to stay on the soap.
Foam at the mouth, Betty??????

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