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Posted by Betty H. on September 16, 2000 at 00:23:02:

In Reply to: Receding gums and PD posted by Carole on September 15, 2000 at 10:13:05:

: I just came back from my dentist this week, complaining of my teeth hurting everywhere, from hot/cold, warm, cool, too crunchy, achy, etc. The dentist said he wished he could wave a magic wand in my mouth. He said my gums were ALL recessed, red, puffy and bleeding since he'd seen me last November, and had I changed Meds? Possibly one causing dry mouth? (my mouth isn't dry) I have dropped selegiline, and traded Tasmar for Comtan since November. (You'd think when it hurts to eat, I'd lose some of this weight I've gained since surgery.) I already had three gum grafts two months before brain surgery, so I don't want to go through THAT again. Is anyone familiar with any studies that definitively link Parkinson's disease with gum disease? The reports I've read point to a PWP's lack of wrist motility and poor oral hygiene practices which cause recessed gums. I have an electric tooth/placque brush, so that doesn't fly in my case. I floss and brush regularly; the dentist found no fault there. The peridontist said if I could find any research studies linking PD with peridontal disease, insurance could come through with reimbursement.
: I could use some sympathy here (just kidding!) but I COULD really use research info!!
: (the dentist gave my gums a high-powered sensidyne treatment along the gums, along the exposed, more porous tooth under the enamel that should be covered up with gum. It left my mouth tasting like persimmons the rest of the day. I'm using a sensitive-type toothpaste.) Gums are still puffy and bleeding; it still hurts to eat crunchie food......
: Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
: Carole

Suggest you send a message to "Ask the Doctor" & see what he says about it. If any one has heard about that problem & PD, he has. It's Dr.Lieberman,he's with NPF. I'm sure you heard of him. [email protected]
I know my teeth are getting much more sensitive to hot & cold. It's always something, isn't it!
Also, in regard to the message on the board on 9/13, titled, New Parkinson's Research by a Dr. Wirtanan, check out Dr. Liebman's response to that, on 9/14 . Interesting.
Betty H.

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