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Posted by Googy on September 16, 2000 at 00:37:06:

In Reply to: Re: Bedding information needed from PDers posted by Lisa on September 15, 2000 at 09:16:19:

: : : : My Mom has PD for 4 years, and now she is having trouble with getting in and out of bed and also turning in bed. Her meds have been adjusted but she continues to have these problems. I wonder if other PDers out there can recommend what type of beds they use and what type assisting devices you use to help you get in and out of bed. Also what type of linens do you use that make it easy for you to turn in bed.
: : : : The other thing my Mom complains about is that her comforter is too heavy, even though I have got her the lightest weight down comforter I can find! Any suggestions? A blanket alone is too light and she gets cold easily. Thanks for any recommendations.
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: : : Does she have a headboard? For years, I've used mine as leverage. It has slats that go up and down and they serve as handles wherever I am. I don't even think to roll over without reaching above my head for a "handle." (They sell special bed implements for PWP; go to the NPF website; some of it looks so institutional, though.) I get into pickles when we stay over somewhere and there's nothing to grab - (other than my poor hubby)! I also use an old pregnancy trick to push up when I get on my side. I use my arms, pushing against the bed, to raise me to a seated position. I notice some of the old maneuvering tricks I learned while big with child have paid off again as I get more rigid. Other times, I just avoid getting into a position I know I'll be stuck in! I love the velux blankets and use a lightweight comforter. Sometimes just having heavy bedstuff on my feet make them cramp. I guess experimenting with what you have is what you're doing. Everyone is different. Some PWP use satin sheets; others slide right off of them. They slide off of me! I read where someone recommended sleeping naked (I haven't done that since college days!)
: : : Those are myvarious and sundry ideas. I'm sure you'll get lots more in a while!! This will be fun!
: : : Carole
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: : We have a poster bed, and buckled a regular man's belt to each side of the bed(On the post) My husband can grab a belt and help pull himself into bed. Another hint, I am making draw sheets(like in a hospital)out of satin, and putting velcro as a fastner on the under side of draw sheet.Just use a regular fitted sheet and top sheet. Betty D.

: Thanks for the suggestions! So I am assuming that you are all using regular type beds and mattresses, and not hospital beds or the new type advertized on TV where they raise up like hospital beds, right?
: Googy, what are baby guards and where can I find
: them? Thanks again!

They are used for children that leave cribs for the next size.Look for a store that sells children furniture.Here it is" toys are us" which sell these.No we tried hospital beds but they are to confining.they cannot get out unless the side is down.These are so much better. Get the ones that can be made smaller.With Bill I have his bed about 6inches form the wall so he cannot get his head caught there.Then put the guard on the other side under the top mattress. Good luck, Googy

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