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Posted by Betty Hicks on October 06, 2000 at 02:51:21:

In Reply to: Re: "Ask the doc" - Betty H. posted by Carole on October 03, 2000 at 02:52:32:

: : Everyone is probably way ahead of me, but the NPF website (www, fantastic forum by Dr. Lieberman for any questions we parkts might have about pd. Dr. Lieberman is a highly qualified neurologist who specializes in Parkinsons and is one of the few specialists who is willing to take the time to answer our questions. It is well worth your time to sign up. He did point out that this wasn't his "day job" and it does take a lot of time to respond to all of the questions. Bruce
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: Bruce-
: (re: one of my earlier posts) I still haven't posed the teeth and gums question I had to Dr. L. Dr. Pahwa told me that he wasn't aware of any research in this direction, but that several of his younger patients had the same complaint.
: Also Betty H told me the following in a post to my post:
: "Also, in regard to the message on the board on 9/13, titled, New Parkinson's Research by a Dr. Wirtanan, check out Dr. Liebman's response to that, on 9/14 . Interesting.
: Betty H."
: Now I haven't been able to find this response, so if you or Betty H. can post the site URL, I'd sure appreciate it!
: I missed my follow-up dental appt. this a.m. but had decided to try some supplements and essential oils for a couple of months and see what happens. I talked to my "oil guru" and she had the same problems. After receiving the same ambivalent advice from her dentist, tried oils and supplements and is now free of pain and bleeding gums - no invasive procedures - and it's been 11 months! (You'd think I'd lose weight when EVERYthing hurts my teeth!)
: Carole
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I wrote last night, but once again AOL ate my letter before I could send it. Will try again.
In regard to your posting, I had sent a reply to you because I also have the same problem with painful gums & teeth. It comes & goes & doesn't seem to be as severe as yours, but I've made many false alarm trips to the dentist. I had suggested you try "Ask the Doctor" & see what he had to say about it. I like Dr. Lieberman's Forum & he gives good answeres. He has answered a couple questions foe me & it was within a day or two.
Now, this is where I may have confused you, I think. (My husband says, I'm forever changing subjects in mid-stream. He's one of the few that can keep up with me & sometimes, even after 42+ years, it's impossible.)
Someone had written Dr. Lieberman & ask him about the Upper Cervical Chiropractor & what they do, that they claim is beneficial to PDPs. A Dr. Wirtanen had posted a notice about it a while back on our board & stated it was written up in a recent Chiropractor Journal. Needless to say, Dr. L didn't have too much to say, but obviously didn't think much of it. He ended up saying something like,Why would doing something to the cervical spine of PDPs, do anything for their brain? I was sure you had seen the original entry about it, but was wondering if you'd seen Dr. L's reply & what did you think about what this Dr. Wirtanen had to say. If nothing else, the subject matter was interesting.
Sorry I confused you. Do hope you find relief for your gums & teeth. I'll be watching Ask the Doctor for your question & his answer. :-)
Betty H.

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