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Posted by Carole on October 09, 2000 at 01:07:46:

In Reply to: Re: Ambien posted by Bruce on October 08, 2000 at 23:12:42:

: : : : : : To everyone, It is now 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep another side effect from Being a Parky. So I thought I would relay a little story. In the late 50's early 60's my grandmother who also had Parkinsons was put could you believe it, in a locked mental institution. They did not have the medicines they have today. The only med she was ever offered was Artaine. At that time the quote "Doctors" thought her mental facilities were impaired. Which I understand you can have senitlity with Parkinsons diease. But to be locked in a mental institution for it seems a little over the edge. I remember seeing her in a locked room when I was 15 years old. It made a lasting impression on me. So I am thankful that research has come so far,and with learning and sharing with one another we will fight the good fight.Well I have talked your ears off. I think I will try and go nite nite
: : : : : : Eileen
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: : : : : Eileen-
: : : : : I take 10 mg. of Ambien and I stay asleep with it for 7-8 hours. I feel great after a whole night's sleep. If I don't take it, I can only stay asleep 45 minutes and am awake several hours. I never seem to catch up, just get more sleep deprived. Or did you say that insurance doesn't cover Ambien?? Sorry if you've talked about this already!
: : : : : Carole
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: : : : Carole,
: : : : Yes I talked about Ambien before. I have been paying the cost of the medication out of my own pocket. I usually sleep very well with it, but last night was one of the rare nights it did not work. So I will take a nap today. Although I am not tired now. Last week I think I over did it. went to Boston and walked 3 miles. I don't think I have recovered from that! Well I will close
: : : : Always
: : : : Eileen

: : : Why does insurance cover other meds, but not Ambien?
: : : I think it's great,too and usually works well, but I have to fight my neurologist for a Rx. My insurance covers most of it, like all other meds.
: : : Betty H.

: :
: : I also have taken Ambien, but for me it isn't too effective. Will sleep 2 hours at the most on it. Also, it has side effects of hallucinations and many people experience this. If anyone else has experience something other to help with insomnia, please let me know...Christie (I have PD)
: Sorry ladies, but I have to point out a few side effects after taking Ambien It is a strong sedative that could be habit forming and if stopped suddenly you could suffer withdrawal symptoms. If taken with an antideppressant, the risk of hallucinations are increased. If you have depression, taking Ambien could make it worse and possibly suicidal. You may experience drowsiness after awakening and one study showed that mental skills are impaired when the peak level is reached. I also have difficulty sleeping at times and usually when I can't sleep it is because of an extra stressful day. Bruce
Hi everyone!
Interesting comments. I have a few more to add.
Eileen- I know what you mean about over-doing. I'm having a heck of a time exercising and NOT overdoing it. Seems to be arbitrary as to when it's just enough to invigorate OR too much and wears you out!
Betty, my insurance covers Ambien, but it seems I always have so much trouble getting it. This last time I called in a refill well in advance, and it didn't come and didn't come. Found out the refill had been recorded and it was just "sitting" in the computer. They promised to overnight it but I was to call them the next day. I called 4 days in a row to get something to happen and then they sent the wrong refill overnight!! Brother! I had to get a "two-week refill" from the dr. to fill in the gap. It IS considered a controlled substance. My PD dr. gave me a hard time once about Ambien being addictive, and I said I didn't sleep without it, and he said (to his nurse) "See??" He still gave it to me. After all, we KNOW PWP have a brain disorder.....
Bruce - my daughter takes Ambien with her Prozac and Neurontin just fine; she's as "addicted" to it as I am, and we both wake up refreshed when we take it. But we both know from our experience that if you take it and then get up and do "stuff" (fight going to sleep), you do "goofy" things (no hallucinations); i.e., that's when I make huge long lists I can't read the next day. My son, on the other hand, takes "goofy" a whole new direction! Their dr. prescribed it for him, because he is an insomniac as much as I am or his sister! On Paxil and Ambien, he becomes a stumble-down drunk!!!! I'll tell a true story on him here; from a year ago. He could usually take 5 mg. of Ambien to help him sleep but still would act weird - "goofy" - if he fought going to sleep, so the dr. stopped his prescription. But when he couldn't sleep one night, he TOOK one of MY 10 mg. What a night!! He was stumbling down the hall, mumbling and laughing; falling down. We even called the police and an ambulence, sure he was high on something. They tested him and found no illegals (expensive night, too.) I now keep all medications under lock and key and he no longer takes anything. Talk about stress! Parent to teens is enough! LOL

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