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Posted by Nancy on October 23, 2000 at 00:20:02:


I am new to this board, and am so glad I found it! My mother, who is now almost 70, was diagnosed with Parkinson's many years ago. She is at the point, now, where she has a lot of trouble getting up from a seated position, and always requires assistance when walking. She cries with frustration many times per day, because her body won't do what she wants it to do.

My dad, who is 75 and fortunately, due to modern medication, is in very good health, loves my mother very much and takes very good care of my mother. He is not yet comfortable with the computer, so I am writing this on his behalf (though he is unaware of this!).

Here is the problem: Mom keeps forgetting to take her meds on time and on a regular basis. Also, a few weeks ago, she somehow cracked her pelvis, and is now, and hopefully temporarily, confined to a wheelchair. It is very hard for my dad to get her around. So things are even worse now. Dad made Mom a med schedule indicating which pills are to be taken when, but Mom just won't use it. Because she is almost always late taking her pills, it seems she spends most of her time in an "off" mode. It is so rare that I see her in an "on" mode.

My dad is really frustrated that mom won't take her meds when she is supposed to. Mom doesn't like forgetting her pills, but regardless, never seems to try to remember. And she ignores the schedule that Dad made for her.

Please pardon my ignorance, but is this common with Parkinson's? Is there something my dad or I could say or do that would help mom with this problem? Could it be that her pills don't help her much, so she sees no point in taking them?

One of the pills she takes is Zoloft, an antidepressant. I also take antidepressants, and have taken Zoloft before. I was surprised that she was on only 50mg per day. When I took Zoloft, I think I was taking 150mg per day. Is 50mg. a normal dosage? I asked her about it -- she never questions her doctor, just does what he says. I know that the Zoloft is not helping her.

In all the time Mom has had Parkinson's, it seems she has not wanted to help herself. Is this normal?

I hope you can help... I do not know anyone (other than mom) with Parkinson's, so don't know what is typical for this disease. But I really want to help my parents cope. Now that I have found this board, I'm hoping I might be able to learn more about Parkinson's and maybe help out my parents.

Thank you so much!


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