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Posted by Ruth on October 30, 2000 at 01:33:55:

In Reply to: Re: Does contam work for anyone? posted by grammy on October 27, 2000 at 18:49:15:

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: : : : : Would like feedback from anyone taking contam. good, no good...

: : : : Don, I have started taking comtan this year in addition to four other pd drugs. It is supposed to be taken at the same time you take Sinemet. Comtan inhibits the breakdown of Sinemet and by doing that, it extends the effect of Sinemet for a longer time. Comtan has enabled me to have more "on" time, but I did have a problem with dyskinisa which means their is a higher level of Sinemet. My neuro advised me to just increase the time between doses of Comtan and Sinemet and it worked fairly well. The best part is you don't have to take more Sinemet (more side effects) Bruce

: : : Don, Comtan good. As a result of taking it, I had to cut back on the Sinemet.
: : : Betty H.

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: : I take Comtan; changed over from Tasmar and have had NO problems! No blood testing, either. Tasmar had a scare with sudden liver disease, FDA requiring a blood draw (every 2 weeks the first 6 months, then tapering off thereafter; had a few abnormal counts myself and extra draws and it was $75 per draw until the drug company arranged for free testing at certain labs; what a hassle!!!!!)
: : Hopefully my liver is happier with Comtan now, too.
: : Carole
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: I had no problems with Comtan but also didn't feel it did anything for me.The time between Sinemet doses remained pretty much the same.
: G

I switched to Comtan from Tasmar as soon as Comtan came out and I didn't notice any difference between how I felt on Tasmar or
Comtan (except now I don't have to go for blood tests every 2 weeks, which was a pain; but the Comtan are "HUGE" pills compared to Tasmar and are a challenge to fit in almost any medicine holder). At the time I started Tasmar I felt I needed more Sinemet, but the Tasmar allowed me to stay on the same dose and I feel the Comtan works the same way.

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