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Posted by Ruth on October 30, 2000 at 02:00:37:

In Reply to: Re: SS Disability(Carole) posted by Betty H. on October 28, 2000 at 08:11:23:

: : : : : : I was just checking my checking account balance on line and was plesantly surprised... my disability application was approved!!!!! Praise God!!!!

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: : : : : Darrell-
: : : : : That's how you found out??? Incredible, isn't it - but wonderful news! That will take a lot of stress out of your life!
: : : : : Carole
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: : :
: : : : Carole, yep, thats how I found out... strange isnt it?

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: : : Darrell-
: : : The wonderful world of bureaucracy! I was told via phone that it looked like I wouldn't qualify, until I told him how long it took me to write: I'd wait until my carpel tunnel didn't turn my hands numb or the PD meds kicked in and I quit shaking, and THEN my hands went numb. He said, "Oh my, That makes a difference," He further told me I would find out via the mail; they weren't allowed to tell anyone over the phone and I would hear in the next 7 -10 business days. The next day I got a call from a different clerk, different city, and she said, "Now that you've been approved, we need to set up these stipends for your children." I slowed her down enough to tell her what I'd been told the day before. She chuckled and said that I'd been approved. We finished up and in 7-10 business days, I DID receive a letter.
: : : Keep a file of everything they send you. You will have need to use those documents everytime you go to buy a car or real estate, etc. It's your paycheck or proof of disability (the official government paper.) I have also used them when your doctors fill out papers later on of continuing disability. You always have new nurses by then and they need to see what was said before. If they have it, it's too hard to retrieve. Last time I looked, my file was in a huge 3-ring notebook!! (I've been in several tests, & have had surgery, which was tested, too. I was #17 at KU.) I'm sure if you've been with PD for 16 years, too, that you are used to the drill! (the paperwork kind!)
: : : Carole
: : : ===================

: : Carole, Yes, I have copies of everything! I was very surprised, I submitted my application in late July so the decision came very quickly. I think what helped was I was very detailed, a habit from writing all those QC inspection reports. I am going to my 2nd appointment at the new Northwest Parkinsons Medical & Research Center this morning, am looking forward toit, and its time to go. Have a good day.

: Darrell,
: CONGRATULATIONS! I know how you feel, that's what happened to me. I received my bank statement in April and wow! what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE. It is a relief & the others are right. The key thing seems to be to keep copies of everything and send in a very detailed report.
: You deserve it!
: Betty H.

Congratulations Darrell. I too got it the first time around and was pleasantly surprised. But isn't it ironic, they have you fill out pages and pages of forms, and when it comes to notifying you that you have been accepted, sometimes they don't even send out a letter. Ah, the mysteries of the federal government!!

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