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Posted by walt on November 03, 2000 at 17:03:15:

In Reply to: Re: introduction posted by Carole on November 02, 2000 at 00:05:20:

: : As a new participant in the Board a little background-I'm 76, got diagnosed with PD five years ago altho I think it all started about five year before.My worst symptom is freezing while walking with loss of stability - irrecoverable- and a crash , so far without killing myself. I have almost all of the other symptoms of PD except tremor . That's about it.I'd like to thank Bruce and Googy for their responses to my earlier post. Walt
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: Walt,
: Your freeze-ups and falls sound like my 91 yr. old dad. He has cut open his head and lately his leg on some falls; ended up hospitalized once for 4 days; it's not blocked carotids as originally thought. Are you doing anything to help prevent falls? Any suggestions? He is seeing an internist and I think he has many signs of PD, falling unexpectedly being his most annoying and dangerous one. He even mentioned the word freezing. He is under the care of my younger brother and due to a touchy situation, I cannot intervene or suggest anything. But since my Dad's dad had PD, his daughter HAS PD (me) and his sister, who is 88, has it, he very well could have it. His constipation is his next biggest complaint - every day - for years! He is diabetic and has a pace maker, so is on cardiac meds as well as paxil for depression and flomax for prostate. I think a diagnosis of PD would send him over the edge at this point in his life. I actually got him to see a movement disorder neurologist a few years ago, and he was on the fence about him at that time. He gave him a low dosage of Sinemet CR and put him on a schedule to slowly increase the dosage and frequency, but Dad took it about 2 days; said it made him dizzy. I could never get him back after that (when the touchy situation came about with the whole family - I have 3 older siblings). I guess their doctor has both my parents taking their many meds once a day since that's the best they can depend on their caretaker to get it down them. (We just hope they're getting even that.) I was considering getting a U-Step for Dad, thinking someday I could use it myself. Do you have one? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I couldn't find the book I sent on Preventing Falls, and he didn't remember getting it. I'll keep trying!!
: Carole, a caring daughter
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Carole,I wish I knew the answer to falling. My fals start with a freeze, ridgidity, then the fall. I have that walking with two canes gives me the physical help and confidence mentally to avoid a fall. Sorry I"m not moch help

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