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Posted by Carole on November 06, 2000 at 03:14:27:

In Reply to: Re:private disability insurrance posted by Phil on November 05, 2000 at 15:50:04:

: : : : : I am preparing to quit work and opt for permanent disability. Fortunately my company carries private disability insurance. I am also currently covered by the company's group medical insurance, which is provided by another carrier. Once I go on permanent disability I will no longer be covered by the company's group plan. My concern is that the health insurance carrier may try to drop me. Has anyone gone through this?

: : : : There is a law called "Cobra". This law allows you to pay for the insurance you have until you find new insurance
: : : : if you need to or want to. Your insurance can not be dropped. You should be provided with
: : : : this information before leaving work. Good Luck, Sue

: : : Phill, I have experienced what you are asking and it is a federal law (COBRA) entitles you and your family to an extension of your present health coverage.You will have to pay up to 102 % of the full premium.

: : : I will tell you how it affected me, but their are so many exceptions or variations in the COBRA law I will give you the sources that explain everything. "Health benefits under COBRA", call 1-800-998-7542 and they will send you a free booklet or go to and you can find the same info. I would strongly advise you to read everything, because I was never told that if I qualified for disability within the first 60 days of the COBRA coverage, I could have received an extension of the COBRA coverage for an additional 11 months. In my work place, it was likely that the Human Resoures department wasn't aware of this benefit. In general, they were not very knowledgeable regarding the COBRA law.

: : : I continued on with the same coverage and with the same insurance company after I quit work for 18 months. I was told the day I qualified for SS disability and medicare to inform the insurance company of that event and the immediately discontinued their coverage.

: : : So don't worry you should have health insurance without being canceled. Bruce

: : Phil: I forgot to tell you that when I was still working, I had disability insurance that was paid by my employer as a benefit. After I retired and before I qualified for medicare, the insurance paid the full benefit, but when they found out I was covered by medicare, the reduced the monthly payment to $50 per month. Of course, that was never stated in the policy manual. I can't be 100% certain, but if I have more than one insurance policy(example: car insurance with medical coverage plus the company plan)they both never will pay for the sane health expense.

: Thank you Sue and Bruce. I have been unable to get an explanation out of our Human Resources
: Department
I, too, have gone thru this process and it can be very frustrating at times. My main advice is to document who says what to you and when they have said it. It's a maze of bureaucracy. I had a very hard time collecting my independent disability insurance and should have taken out more than what I was advised. Just be sure to cover your bases well, and even then, plan for surprises! Best of luck to you! You'll make it!

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