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Posted by Leathan on November 18, 2000 at 20:19:50:

I experience a severe mental state which makes me feel extremely basic and hence very frightened.
It is very hard to describe. I feel confused , disorientated , muted , very unintelligent , forgetful , slow , and not surprisingly a bit low.
It has , in short , devestated my life. I am in my early 20's. I have a severe concentration problem which has now impacted severely on me.
My mind just appears to stop. At least in the past this would fluctuate - now I have not had any significant relief from it in a long time and I feel very basic.

I experience a shake in my right hand when putting it on a table. It's become more or less guaranteed that more often than not it will shake when relaxed. Also have a head quiver - again when it is relaxed , i.e. - lying down.
General body shake can occur also.

Over and above this , extreme fatigue also renders me to a very basic state. I also get sleep paralysis. But the fatigue is very intrusive.. it is very frightening and shocking. It just comes on - but there is also a general one also - it requires planning out activities in advance.
It can feel like your insides have been struck by lightening. Renders to a very basic state.

Can also get lower leg pain which forces me to stop walking. It's as if the lactic acid builds up demonizingly rapidly..

are there any young-onset-people out there who were diagnosed with ME/CFS and later turned out to have early pd?

the symptoms are terrifying at the moment and have a personal , physical , social , all aspect of life impact.. - shocking stuff,

it is very embarrassing also , plus at some times when i feel okay people ask me if i am okay , and i have recently read about this masked face business. I don't know - what is this? Does one's face feel tight or something?

all i want is some medication or something , I have a CFS/ME diagnosis , but am now starting to question it , and I am not prepared to have to go through the torment of bad attitudes from doctors saying it's all in one's mind.. - that is very damaging. even with a cfs/me diagnosis they are within their right not to accept the diagnosis even if it's been made. it was too exhausting that diagnosed!!


ps : anyone's email address for exchange appreciated..

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