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Posted by Phil on November 19, 2000 at 21:07:52:

In Reply to: Re: CFS/Parkinsons posted by Leathan on September 04, 2000 at 20:07:35:

: : : : :
: : : : : Is Post-Exertional Fatigue seen in PD?

: : : : : Is Sleep paralysis , narcolepsy seen in PD?

: : : : : How to differentiate PD from CFS?


: : : : : Possible to have both?

: : : : : Leathan
: : : : Leathan -- I have both PD and FMS, which is similar to CFS. Fortunately, the meds I take at night generally help me sleep really well. About 1-2 times per week, I wake up at 3:30, rather than the usual 6::00. So I get on this board, read the newest posting, revisit some of the older ones. I think the only way to differentiate/
: : : : diagnose both problems is via qualified physician's, etc. Movement Disorder ones for PD, possible rheumatologist for CFS? Witht the CFS do you have pain? the FMS is definitely painful. Hope others respond, this is an interesting direction. Lory

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: : : thanks for reply Lory... Pain is due to stiffness I think - but i get a bad internal pain when i overdo things.-- this is my point though - u say you have FMS - i know that that basically is identical to PD - DO you get post exertional fatigue - that is fatigue of an overwhelming nature when you do something mental/physical.

: : : also i get thought block , notice fingers twitching , get confused when driving - just block - with the steering when reversing - tremor - right hand and body tremor worsens with stress

: : : cheers
: : Leathan - The tremors you describe are part of PD, but NOT of fibromyalgia. Yes, they do get worse with stress. I work 3 days/week, and am stressed all those days, so the tremors are extremely noticeable. Even when I go shopping. If I stay at home, do needlework, crosswords, bake, do housework at MY liesure, the tremors are much less noticeable. Also, the overwhelming fatigue factor -- I swim 1/2 mile 2x/week, but due to asthma, take proventil before swimming, fatigue is under control. Otherwise, I reallly don't have that. The pain/stiffness - yes - and the PD meds really help that, as well as the flexeril/paxil(now Remeron) that I take for the FMS, prescribed for before sleeping. I stretch a lot, and that really helps overcome the stiffness/pain factor. Good stretching exercises on this message board. Good dialogue here. Lory

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: HI Lori ,

: I'm only 21!! Do you think a neuro can pick up PD at such an age?

: Leathan

The toughest part for me was the psychological turmoil. My symptoms were the same which you describe. I freaked. Sinemet releived the tremors and I knew I had some time before I would look like a geek. I first determined to accept my eventual fate, not to give in, but to plan a strategy. The the drugs brought lack of concentration. In meetings it was if peiple's words tumbled on the table and I couldn't pick them up.

Basically, I freeked for the first year, but I held onto whatever positive handle on everything. Read. Know your enemy. The first stuff I read told me the truth. I would eventually freeze, fall down, halucenate, drool, loose my sex drive and be depressed. Depressed?!! Really?!!

But it got better. Chill. It will get better for you. I was diagnosed five years ago. I was forty-eight. I'm hlding my own now.

Understand that stress agrivates the tremors. Find ways to relax. Exercise is essential. You have to keep your head right, and it will be tough. After four years I got a break and learned about a technique some psychologists employ called EMDR. Others on this site have heard me mention the treatment before. I suffered clinical depression. I conquered it rather quickly. Other anxities resolved themselves. Fifty percent of the tremor subsided. I developed a more positive attitude

The doctors don't seem to pay much attention to the psychological aspect. They will treat the symptoms with drugs. All I know is that it worked for me.

And stay tuned to this sight. I found
the info the others have given above to be accurate and wise. I could have saved myself some grief and time had I found this board earlier.

Don't let it get ya.

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