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Re: 2 periods and 2 pregnancy tests but still worried.....

Re: 2 periods and 2 pregnancy tests but still worried.....

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Posted by inneedofhelp on February 28, 2000 at 18:14:09:

In Reply to: Re: 2 periods and 2 pregnancy tests but still worried..... posted by D on February 28, 2000 at 16:41:39:

: : : : Ok, I have had 2 periods and taken 2 home pregnancy tests since the last time I had sex. Both of the tests were negative, but for some reason I am still worried. Is this crazy? I am almost positive that those periods were not spotting because it was haevy red blood just like all my other periods. Right now I am 3 days late. I think this might be because I have been really stressed out this past week with exams and my sleeping and exercising pattern has changed. Do you think this is my problem? I took one of the pregnancy tests on Monday, and the other one on Friday. Both were two different kinds. If I was pregnant I would be almost 9 weeks along, surely I would show some symptoms and the tests would be positive right? I tihnk I havent started because I have been so stressed over the last week. Any ideas? Thanks

: : : If you are that stressed out see a Dr. and if you test again use the first morning urine it has the highest level of hormones in it. Also if you get really stressed out about getting pregnant you might want to hold off on sex becuase there is no absolute proof against pregnancy except abstainance. I was in your shoes once and decided to wait until I was married. I was a lot happier becuase even though we had times we hoped we weren't pregnant its been okay and we've been able to deal with it better becuase that's one of the things you expect in a marriage. Just enjoy school and get your studies out of the way. It will be one less worry.

: : Thanks for the advice, it was really something I needed to hear... I also started my period again this morning so I am pretty sure there is no way I can be pregnant. The second test was with my morning urine and it was negative. This is just a general question...What is spotting? Thanks.

: spotting is like a light period. sometimes in between periods or during pregnancy. You'll usually see a little blood on your panties but not enough to be considered a period. I haven't really experienced it so I'm just telling you what I've heard. Good luck. If you still feel worried and your periods get weird get it checked. It could just be hormones or something but when you're sexually active and you start having weird periods its adds a lot more unneeded stress each month.

It is definitely not spotting then. Thank you so much for your help!! I really appreciate it and it has been very beneficial!

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