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Re: Yuppers!! I'm Pregnant! Happy, but scared, please help.

Re: Yuppers!! I'm Pregnant! Happy, but scared, please help.

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Posted by Trinity on June 16, 2000 at 12:28:30:

In Reply to: Re: Yuppers!! I'm Pregnant! Happy, but scared, please help. posted by :0) on June 16, 2000 at 06:24:02:

: Unless your changing cat littler i wouldn't worry about being around cats....the risk is in the dirty litter, not in the cat itself. A lot of women don't eat much durring the first few wks, months of pregnancy (due to morning sickness), as long as you eat as healthy as you can then ur baby will be fine. Also, i've read in a number of places that the baby will take from you what it you'll be the one going without not the baby.
: There are some things you can never prevent, down syndrome..things like that, they are genitic problems. Theres a few little things you can do, get enough folic acid, hopefully you havebeen already, don't drink....some say small amounts like a glass won't hurt, but i say why risk it if you don't have to, don't take hot baths and make sure you don't get too hot this summer, if your body temp goes uptoo high it can cause brain damage in the baby. Other than common sense stuff though theres nothing you can do...don't worry about the what if' thankfull you've got a beautiful little life growing in you.

Thanks so much for your reply, it was very reasuring, but what about hot showers? I have been having looong hot showers, could I have already caused problems? Also, I have had constant stomach problems, and no one knows what it is yet. Doctors said it shouldnt affect the fetus, but I'm still scared. What if theres an infection somewhere that I dont know about?
Also, could the bacteria from the cats paws be transered around the house?
Thanks again,

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