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intimate touching, just pre-ejaculate (99% sure), clothes on, sick next day, sore breasts for a few days, stress, ending hormone-altering meds-PLEASE READ :)

intimate touching, just pre-ejaculate (99% sure), clothes on, sick next day, sore breasts for a few days, stress, ending hormone-altering meds-PLEASE READ :)

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Posted by Beth on July 21, 2000 at 14:44:28:

Hello there. I'd really appreciate any and all opinions on this one. It's kind of long, but I'd really appreciate if as many people as possible replied. I hope none of this is too graphic. My boyfriend and I were making close to 14 days after the start of my last period (I should keep better track.) We kept pants and underwear on. He got a wet spot like usual but I don't rub up against it or anything. As far as I know, he didn't touch himself. Also I'm nearly certain it was just pre-ejaculate since he needs some real manipulation to come completely. I did have my hands down his pants a little bit and probably got some pre-cum on my hands. He touched me around my stomach and legs before he touched my vagina. His hands certainly didn't seem to have anything on them. He did not stick his hand up me. COuld the pre-cum sperm have made their way through his boxers and pants and then possibly gotten on his hand (though I really don't think so unless he just brushed by the wet spot). Or perhaps after I touched him, I might have touched his hand and then he touched me,like passing the batton. He touched my tummy and stuff before my vagina. Can they pass around that easily?? The next day I felt horribly sick at work-- felt like passing out and vomitting.) A friend I'd hung out with the previous day, felt the exact way I did the day after I did. The next several days, I had a lot of discharge (I always tend to have a lot of discharge) and my breasts-especially nipples were sore -usually get this way right before my period (i'm pretty sure, but my body has been prone to be wacky.) The discharge and tenderness lasted 4 or 5 days and then pretty much stopped. If we assume this is a normal cycle this month, I should get my period soon (by the end of next week probably). Could my tenderness and discharge just have been from ovulating?? I've read that most women don't get sore when ovulating ---just usally get sore breasts right before their period. That's how I've usually been. ALMOST DONE--BEAR WITH ME!! Also, my body has been messed up lately. I have a disease which makes my hair fall out and leave big, patchy bald spots. To help, I was on Rogaine xtra strength for men, cortisone injections, and a topical cortisone fluid --which warns that it messes with the adrenal glands. (all prescribed.) I started to get my period (but a very unusual one-- coral to brown discharge,then bleeding) twice a month!! So, I decided to stop all that stuff for a while. While I was on all that crap, I didn't get tender breasts at all. Is my body just trying to switch back to normal and didn't know when to make my nipples sore?My discharge seems to be just barely starting again, but not much- usually there's more right before my period and thos few days it was heavy, it seemed extra heavy. SO, to sum hings up... could I get pregnant from that pass the pre-cum along game (though his hands never seemed to be wet, he never seemed to touch himself, I never touched myself-- unless i was stupid and went to the bathroom later w/o washing hands first and I always have because I'm so scared of pregancy, it's just hard to go back and remember.) I haven't felt terribly hungry lately. I've also been under a lot of stress. He and I almost broke up and I cried for a few days there(though I was sure I was done ovulating by then and I believe stress affects the ovulation part of the period.) HAs anyone else ever gotten sore nipples and discharge simply with ovulating?? I am such a hypochondriac!!! I've been reading all these other posts and that feeling sick the next day and sore breasts without my peiod coming scared me. Last month was two sixteen day cycles and this month, so far none. What if it want' the meds giving me those cycles?? If my body hasn't switched back to normal yet, then I should have goten my period a couple days after we made out. OY!! I'm such a hypochondriac!!! THANS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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