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Re: Could I be Pregnant?

Re: Could I be Pregnant?

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Posted by Renae on September 01, 2000 at 20:22:12:

In Reply to: Re: Could I be Pregnant? posted by olivia on August 31, 2000 at 17:06:25:

: : : : Last period was July 8. Average length of cycle is 28 days. I still have not got AF and it is 31 days. My husband and I did it at the right time so I thought maybe I was pregnant. I took a test this morning (at 31 days) but it was negative. Do you still think I could be pregnant or am I just late for some reason. I boobs have been sore since Friday and I feel tired and bloated and do urinate often but in little amounts. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone else or am I just having wishful thinking. Should I retest in a week or just go to the doctor. Someone please Respond!!

: : : : Thanks Very Much

: : :
: : : Hello renae, from what ive learnt in past experinces you could well be pregnant. A friend of mine did 3 pregnacy tests which told her she was not pregnant, but in actual fact she was. When she asked her gp why this was he said that those pregnacy tests are very accurate if they say positive but to say your not pregnant they sometimes can be less accurate if you know what i mean, especially if youve got symptoms of pregnacy. All the symptoms youve got are what i had so thats what makes me think you may be. Try another test like you say in another few days or so and try predictatest, this is the one i used and you can use it as early as the day your due. good luck and keep me posted to let me know how you get on. olivia

: : Hi Olivia. Sorry it took me so long to respond but unfortunately I have bad news, I was not pregnant. It is so heart breaking to pray you are and even hope you are and then find out you are not. I still don't know what kind of symtoms I should be looking for. Do you have any advice? Some women I've talked to say they felt exactly the same but I find it hard to believe. Is it possible that the only clue you may have to being pregnant is missing your period. Some good advice would be appreciated. Thanks a million for your comment. Hope to talk with you soon. Renae

: Hello Renae, apoligies also for not repling sooner. I'm sorry that your disapointed with the result. I'ts always a bit of a let down especially when you do want to be pregnant. I know that feeling oh so much. I just did a test myself in the hope that i may be pregnant. But I wasn't.
: Anyway, I think every womans experience in becoming pregnant are different, but all will have similar feelings and changes i.e weeing more than normal, sore and swollen breast's, a bloated feeling, sickness and also in the early stages, tiredness. I think that if you and your husband are tring to get pregnant and want it to happen so badly sometimes to can trick your body into thinking your pergnant, they call it a phamtom pregnacy, and if your thinking about it to much or stressing about it that can delay your period and your body probably gets mixed feelings about the whole thing. So what you should do is just relax and let nature take it's course.
: How did you find out you were not pregnant? Did you just come on or did you go to the doctor?
: So Renae, take it easy and relax, keep me posted.
: Good luck. Olivia.

Hi Olivia. I found out I wasn't pregnant by a test. I was going to go to the doctor the day I got AF. I really hope it happens soon, I am so excited to have children and I will be 30 in 6 months. I will definately keep you informed on what's going on. It's really nice talking with someone who understands what you're feeling. Make sure you keep in touch, I want to know the minute you're pg. Good Luck!! Renae

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