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Confirm testers or anyone PLEASE HELP.........

Confirm testers or anyone PLEASE HELP.........

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Posted by DD on September 07, 2000 at 02:12:06:

Okay all you confirm testers, af was due 8/28 and never showed, I have all the symptoms really sore nipples, bright blue veins running everywhere (Does that happen to everyone?? they are really gross!!!!), feeling like I have a knot in my stomach, queasy, hot one second dripping in sweat and clammy and then cold the next Weird!!! SO SO SO TIRED, I even fell asleep at work the other day for 2 seconds!!!! and did I mention the lovely yeast infection.....Well I took a test on the 28th it came out a very very very faint positive the kind you have to hold up the the light to see..Well this week I started to get really bad morning sickness Well what I thought was morning sickness I would wake up in the morning with terrible diarrhea (sorry) and then I would feel so queasy to my stomach that last for almost a week, then this week smells would get to me so bad that I would get queasy and run to the bathroom wanting to get sick but couldn't just a little bit of spit up (sorry again) I took a confirm test today because everyone raves about it because of no evap line and can detect low hcg levels...So I waited the 3 minutes and I saw one line right away and then in the heart shaped I saw a WHITE LINE it was definatly there and it was a brighter white then the test strip and it has dark edges that are pink then I turned it over and it was a very faint pink line...Do I take that as a positive or what??? HELP

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